How to maintain your tan for as long as possible: here are the tricks!



How to maintain your tan

How to maintain your tan.
We’re back from the sea, and for many of us vacation is over, safe for a few sporadic days at the sea in September to enjoy a few last beautiful sunny days. All in all, we were good this year, we admit it: our tans are perfect! If you’ve seen my video in which I share all the secrets to getting a perfect tan, you already know what I’m talking about!
But now that September has rolled around, the moment to begin working on maintaining your tan for as long as possible has arrived.
It has been proven that if it isn’t cared for properly, a tan fades away within 3 weeks. Let’s get to it straight away: here are a few secrets to get started on RIGHT AWAY!!

How to maintain your tan for as long as possible: here are the tricks!

Watch what you eat.
As I told you in my video dedicated to tanning, the same precautions you take before exposing yourself out in the sun should be considered after exposing oneself in the sun as well. Drink lots of water, eat foods rich in vitamins such as fruits and vegetables, and in particular foods that are rich in betacarotene and omega 3 (like salmon!).

Avoid saunas, hot showers or baths.
High temperatures accelerate the skin peeling process: try to take showers and baths with warm water instead of with hot water, and avoid saunas and steam rooms. While you’re at it, beware of strong air conditioning: it dries out the skin!


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