Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You and My Christmas Wishes!


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Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You and My Christmas Wishes!

Christmas 2015. Finally the moment we were all waiting for is here, Christmas Eve! Now, I’m working on my laptop to finish some work before throw myself into holidays, feasts, great dinner parties with friends and family. Honestly… I can wait! Christmas lights glisten behind my desk, Christmas songs are playing and cookies for tonight are in the oven. Everything is almost ready for 2015 Christmas!! :)

Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You !

Tonight I’ll be at Giovanni’s parents’house with my family and all his relatives. Tomorrow, on Christmas day we’re going to my parents’ house with all my relatives and my brother . I can’t wait! And as someone once said “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” and I think is true! So, enjoy this Christmas! I wish you to spend this day with those you love!

For my special Christmas wishes, this year I’m wearing the red dress designed by me that you can buy HERE or in all KIABI stores untill December 31!

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