Floral culottes and an elegant daytime look!


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Floral culottes and an elegant daytime look!

Floral culottes. Good morning girls! Today I’m showing you my daytime look that is still very elegant. It’s perfect for those of you who have important work meetings during the day, or for those going to a daytime ceremony such as a wedding or graduation.

Floral culottes and an elegant daytime look!

The key piece is a pair of wide-legged floral culotte trousers (click HERE to read my guide on how best to wear culottes!). I decided to pair them with a beige top, cream jacket and black accessories, which give the look a bold edge.

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Denim culottes and a stripy jacket: a daytime look!



Denim culottes and a stripy jacket: a daytime look!

Denim culottes and a stripy jacket. Good morning beautiful ones, and Happy May to you all! I know, I can’t believe it’s already May, it’s absurd! The last few months have flown by… it seemed like it was Christmas only yesterday and now we’re (almost) back to summer! Right, enough with the chatting: today I want to show you a daytime look that I love so much that I’ve put it up on my blog and on my Instagram page :)

Denim culottes and a stripy jacket: a daytime look with an unexpected element…

In this look I’m wearing high-waisted denim culottes: after I told you all about culottes (here’s my definitive guide on how to wear them!), I couldn’t resist this denim pair! I decided to pair them with a blouse in the same shade of blue and with a stand-out striped jacket: I love the floral brooch detail ! Try pairing a pair of culottes with an old jacket to revamp it, which I think is a really nice idea! :)

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Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide!


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Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Culotte Pants. I’ve already told you something about culotte pants in a post along with palazzo pants, a while ago, saying that they were new trends for this year./span>. And that’s exactly what happend, you can see every day more culotte pants in the streets. So, many of you have been writing to me to know how to match this kind of trousers. (even more after my appearence on Detto Fatto!). Culottes are not easy to wear, that’s a fact…

Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Before showing you some cool outfits in which culottes with different colors and shapes are perfectly matched, I’d like to highlight the fact that they can look good also on quite short and curvy girls. 

– IF YOU ARE NOT VERY TALL: Always match them with heels and choose high waist (leaving the waist visible, of course). In this way, you’ll get an optical illusion and your figure will look slimmer and taller. Try to add a short brim hat to gain a few extra inches. ;)

– IF YOU ARE NOT VERY SLIM: Choose dark colors or denim culottes. Look for slightly flared culottes, they’ll help harmonize your figure and proportions. If you choose wide culottes, it’ll look like you’re wearing a skirt!

– IF YOU’RE ALWAYS COLD: if you can stand cold weather, here’s a nice little trick (that I’ve already told you in THIS VIDEO ): just wear leggings under your culottes. Make sure they don’t show up when you sit down! Besides, you can wear wool socks: if you keep foot warm it will be easier to go out with undressed calf. Word of girl scout! :)

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Culottes, Stilettos and… Holidays I’m Coming!!!!


Culottes, Stilettos and… Holidays I’m Coming!!!!

Culottes. Oh yeah! I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. I’ve been counting days, I swear! These past weeks have been really busy, a lot of work but especially from the emotional point of view: great news coming soon! So this year we decided to treat ourselves with 3 weeks of absolute peace : nature, fresh air, trekking, good food, adventure far from daily routine! Far from the frivolous, sparkling chaos of the world of fashion and beauty to absolute peace and adventures in the mountain high. AMAZING!!!!!

But now enjoy one of the latest outfits that I wore: a pair of culottes is the pretogonists and I decided to match it with vertiginous stiletto heels. Bye bye hight heels, see you at the end of August :)))

Culottes, stilettos… and off we go!!

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Mountain, instructions for use! Here’s why I chose mountain for my summer

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Culottes, i pantaloni dell’estate ed un look iper super casual!


_MG_0842-aCulottes, i pantaloni dell’estate e vi racconto il mio weekend lungo

Culottes. Un weekend davvero molto bello quello appena passato! Ho trascorso 3 giorni all’insegna della famiglia (Anche con la comunione di mio cugino, presto vi farò vedere le foto del mio look!), degli amici pelosi (Sono andata a visitare un canile meraviglioso.. è strano parlare così di un canile ma è davvero la verità. Anche di questo vi parlerà sul blog durante questa settimana!) e dei video. Ebbene sì, questo weekend abbiamo dato sfogo alla nostra creatività e ci siamo buttati su una nuova avventura: i video!! :) Non voglio spiegarvi più di tanto qui, vi rimando al video di lancio del progetto, proprio qui sotto, guardatelo ci tengo :D


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