Silk Epil 9: Change Head to Exfoliates 4 Times Better!


Silk Epil 9

Silk Epil 9: Change Head to Exfoliates 4 Times Better! #BreakFree

Silk-épil 9. My mum uses it! Hers it’s 20 years old. I’m talking about her Silk-épil, old but still working! Of course, after 20 years, a lot of things have changed… Seriously, a lot! But it’s not so easy to convince my mum! Maybe, now that I’m trying the brand new Silk-épil 9 she’ll change her mind, because, objectively, it’s the ultimate beauty instrument for your body care!

Here 3 important reasons why my mum should retire her “prehistoric device” (and perhaps I could forget the nightmare of wax and pulse light treatments… I’ve tried everything!)

Silk Epil 9


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Gambe perfette. Non è vero, ma noi siamo determinate, giusto? Ecco 8 trucchetti!


gambe perfetteFoto: estate 2014. QUI per vedere tutte le foto!

Gambe perfette. Ok, non esistono ma noi cerchiamo di ottenere gambe più snelle con qualche trucchetto!

Gambe perfette. Dunque sono esattamente 3 settimane che ho messo in atto un piano diabolico con obiettivo gambe (E addome, ma di questo vi parlerò in separata sede se ne avrete voglia.. fatemi sapere!) in vista della “prova costume” (Oddio, quanto odio, odio, odio, odio questa parola!) tra qualche settimana. Ebbene sì, ci stiamo preparando per un nuovissimo, fantasmagorico, incredibile viaggio.. questa volta dove il protagonista sarà (anche) il mare! Insomma, siccome questo piano d’attacco mi sembra che stia funzionando (Cof, cof, spero! Poi mi direte! Tanto lo sapete che in questo blog il photoshop selvaggio è bandito!) ho pensato di condividerlo con voi dato che, ragazze mie, credo siamo tutte sulla stessa barca.

Gambe perfette, non esistono ma noi ci impegnamo!

Dunque premetto che con le mie care gambe ho un rapporto di amore ed odio. In estate, a causa della cattiva circolazione genetica si gonfiano come palloncini regalandomi la famosa ritenzione idrica e cm in più. Fortunatamente madre natura mi ha dato tre cose delle quali vado orgogliosa: la lunghezza delle gambe (O meglio dire in generale l’altezza), la costanza e la determinazione. Così, non con poco fatica, riesco in parte ad arginare il problema. Ecco 8 trucchetti ;)

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Firm up and hydrate your body: 6 useful tips and new products that I’m using!


Vichy ideal body

Firm up and hydrate your body: 6 useful tips and new products that I’m using!

Firm up and hydrate. Tone, tone, tone!! Uuhh… the force of gravity is our number one enemy. If we spend the winter in hibernation mode, the effects are really disastrous (Yes, ok, I’ll also put my hand up and admit to this!). Then with the harsh fabrics we wear, the cold, the less care during this time of year of our skin .. and the result is saggy skin, an uneven complexion (especially on the legs) and dehydrated skin, which is rough and scaly. Who’s in this situation?

Well, we’ve got the weapons to run for cover. Just like always, and like everything, make a plan of attack to bounce back into shape for summer! Here are 5 points of attack and three new products that I’m trying, by Vichy.

1. Less sofa, more exercise (Yes, even in front of the TV!)

We all know winter is the time to slob on the sofa, relax in the evenings, weekends under the duvet watching movies. Hey, I’m not saying we have to give that up. But you could take advantage of these moments of relaxation to firm up your skin, or start up your muscles and circulation. Very little is needed: on the carpet in front of the TV or even in an armchair. Here are some useful exercises to try:

  *   Carpet exercises:


– LUNGES (front or side)


Start with 3 sets of 10. You can also do these in addition to the gym or to your sport, being free body and therefore without weights there are no problems of “overload”!

  *   Sofa exercises:

Sitting in front of your favorite movie or TV show try to tense your thigh and buttock muscles: even with this simple exercise you are going to stimulate blood flow which contributes to hardening.

2. Less messaging, more massaging.

To firm up and moisturize, massages are very helpful: they stimulate the circulation and oxygenate the muscle tissues, especially in the areas most subject to relax such as thighs, buttocks or abdomen. You can go for a professional firming massage or you can do it on your own at home, with a good firming cream and moisturizer. The important thing is to make determined and energetic movements (without, however, making yourself sick) from the bottom up. From the ankles up to the torso and arms, proceeding in the direction of the heart, to promote drainage. For this purpose, the ideal product among those by Vichy that I’m trying out is the Ideal Body Milk – Whey. It is a milk that gives continuous hydration throughout the day, plus offering more even and firmer skin. The results? Feeling fresh, soft and your skin smells great. Delicious (and hypoallergenic and paraben-free!)

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Get back in shape: my practical tips to kick start your healthy life!


Tornare in forma

Thanks to Falkensteiner for the shooting location

Get back in shape: my practical tips to kick start your healthy life!

Get back in shape. This Christmas, Santa didn’t bring me any extra kilos. Simply because I was knocked sideways by a bad case of flu’ that prevented me from going to every culinary event from the 30th December onwards, and I am still recovering. The medication and being forced to slow down with physical activity over the last few weeks of January, however, has meant I’ve gained weight! So, from today, I can finally say I’m “out of the tunnel” and finally it’s time to talk about what we hate talking about. Getting back in shape after the holidays (and in my case post illness). Perhaps by dawn on 12 January some of you will have already started your health regime. Others, like me, will be only just starting. In any case, I would love to give you a few tips for how to get back in shape after Christmas, and what not start thinking about that summer body! Ready?

Getting back in shape: 8 tips

1. Start immediately
Create a plan of attach: whether it’s in your head or written down. Then get going from today, even if it’s in the evening, there’s no time to lose! Set yourself goals that you want to hit in a certain time frame. Whether it’s losing a few kg, toning a particular part of your body (or all over), getting physically fitter, stronger, healthier… However a plan of attack doesn’t mean you must get obsessive, ok? Take time to ease into it, it’s not a race, and no one will judge you for taking it slowly. Keep calm and enjoy it!

2. Breakfast

The golden rule for wellbeing is having a good, healthy breakfast every morning, a good lunch and a small supper. A tiny breakfast that you wolf down quickly, or even worse, you don’t eat anything, will not only prevent you losing weight, but will make you gain weight because you will get strong hunger pangs mid-morning and resort to snacking! Eat more at breakfast than at any other meal and make sure you have a light supper (after supper, your need for energy is usually less).

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Nuovo inizio: perche’ settembre e’ come il nuovo anno (6 obiettivi da imporci subito!)


irene colzi

Nuovo inizio, settembre

Nuovo inizio. Il rientro dalle vacanze per me è sempre traumatico. Sarà che in vacanza non solo interrompiamo la nostra routine quotidiana e ce ne creiamo un’altra, seppur più breve e provvisoria. Poi tornare alla vita reale e a quella routine che ormai sembra persa, non è semplice. Arriva l’ultimo giorno di vacanza e stai così bene, lunghe dormite, tempo libero da gestire come vuoi, tanta cura di te stessa, fuori e dentro, tanta energia per pensare al rientro. E poi, eccolo, il rientro è arrivato!

Nuovo inizio: perchè settembre è come il nuovo anno (6 obiettivi da imporci subito!)

Stavo leggendo oggi che quasi 6 milioni di italiani soffrono di stress da rientro, ci pensate? Ci facciamo stressare anche dalle vacanze, praticamente! Ma noi, come al solito, di questo rientro guardiamo i lati positivi e quegli accorgimenti che possiamo mettere in pratica per stare meglio, per sentirci motivare e “come nuove”. Sì perchè si sa, settembre è il nuovo inizio dell’anno (Altro che gennaio…)

Coming back home after holiday is always traumatic to me. The last day of holiday comes and you feel so well, long sleeps, free time to organize like you want, taking care of yourself, a lot of energy to think about the return. And then, here it is, the return arrives! I was reading today that almost 6 million of Italians suffer from “return stress”, can you believe it? Even the holidays stress us out, basically! But we, as usual, we look at the good sides of this return and at those expedients that we can use in order to feel better, to find the right motivation and to feel like “new girls”. Yes because everyone already knows that September is the new star of the year (forget about January…)

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