Face Care for Fall: I tried : Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. Here’s My Review!


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Face Care for Fall

Face care for fall. After summer, when September comes, it’s time to change the lotions and cremes of our face routine. Our skin, with the change of the season, needs a kind of care that’s different from summer: so I thought to test for you some beauty products that arise my curiosity in the last few months and then review them in my blog. Today I’m going to write about Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. But, let’s start from the beginning, if you missed the “previous episodes” :)

I first learnt about Pivoine Sublime line during my trip to Provenza when, in the middle of July, I visited the headquarter of L’Occitane, I’ve already written (HERE) that this line intrigued me and that I was going to try it for you. I asked Olivier Baussan, founder of L’Occitane, what was, in his opinion, the L’Occitane line that best fitted my skin and he suggest Pivoine Sublime whose main component is peony and that I had tested inside the laboratories during our day together. (Watch the video HERE).

Face Care for Fall: I tried : Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. Here’s My Review!

-So now I’m ready to tell you: why I adore this line and why I recommend it!

(To be continued after a break..)

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Morning Routine: the Alarm Rings… Daily Skin Care, Makeup and Outfit. #IreneSClosetTV


My Morning Routine

Morning routine. After my video from Expo (Second part coming next week!), the video from Guadeloupe Islands , after showing you what’s inside my bag , e the 10 items that can’t miss in your closets this summer, today it’s time for.. my morning routine!!!

The alarm rings. And rings, and keeps on ringing… Help!!! That’s how all my mornings begin… rubbing my eyes. So I decided to make a video to show you my Morning Routine: from the moment I wake up, to skin hydration, untill breakfast and when I create my look. Good morning girls, let’s get ready! :)

Morning Routine: the Alarm Rings… Daily Skin Care, Makeup and Outfit. #IreneSClosetTV

Put the coffee on, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy HD :)

If you like the video… thumbs up! :))) Leave your comments, questions, ideas…please!!

Hug and kisses ladies! I can’t wait to read what you think about it! :)

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Face care: are you washing your face properly at night? Here are the do’s and don’t’s!


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Face care: are you washing your face properly at night? Here are the do’s and don’t’s!

Face care is first and foremost about knowing what kind of skin you have (e.g. I have sensitive, combination skin).

Here are the main types:

  • Normal skin: skin is not too shiny nor too dry, your skin tone is even, you don’t get red patches, and your pores are not very visible.
  • Oily skin: skin is shiny, pores are visibile, you get spots and black heads easily.
  • Dry skin: if you get flaky skin and very visible expression lines. Pores are not visibile.
  • Sensitive skin: your skin reddens easily, is irritated by elements and strong products.
  • Combination skin: you have a mix of the above.

Now let’s discover some useful tips for taking care of your face to get the perfect skin

Face care: are you washing your face properly at night? Here are the do’s and don’t’s!


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Bellezza viso: ecco i prodotti che sto usando!

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Bellezza viso: ecco i prodotti che sto usando! Buongiorno!!! Eccoci al quarto appuntamento “Bellezza e Benessere: i miei beauty secrets“ (Per vedere tutti i miei post beauty clicca QUI). Se seguite il mio blog sapete che mi capita spesso di ricevere dei tester omaggio di prodotti beauty da uffici stampa o aziende che sono interessate a far provare a noi blogger i loro prodotti. A questi, poi, aggiungo tutti quelli che sono i prodotti beauty che compro durante il mese nella mia profumeria: una vera e propria ossessione! Ho deciso dunque di creare un’appuntamento fisso mensile per farvi vedere i prodotti che mi sono piaciuti e che sto provando sulla mia pelle! Questo mese ho deciso di creare uno speciale dedicato alla cura del viso, per farvi vedere i prodotti che sto usando da un mese a questa parte e che hanno contribuito a migliorare la luminosità del mio incarnato e che promettono di migliorare la bellezza del  viso, pronte?
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