High waisted denim shorts and converse: a super comfy daytime look!


outfit estivo camicia gialla (5)

High waisted denim shorts and converse: a super comfy daytime look!

High waisted denim shorts. Good morning girls! In today’s post I want to show you a really simple but comfortable look which is perfect for summer. I wear this for days when I want to feel comfortable, when maybe I have a busy day where I have to walk a lot, as it often is when I travel.

High waisted denim shorts and converse: a super comfy daytime look!

My essentials for comfortable summer looks include high waisted denim shorts (I have loads! Here you can read my guide on how to wear high waisted styles!), combined with canvas Converse sneakers, loyal companions of many adventures (Here’s my guide for how best to wear them!). I then added in place of a handbag a rucksack, which is less obvious and I find very befitting for the casual look (backpacks are the new handbags!). What do you think of my look? All photos are below :)


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Fringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends… in September!


outfit con cappello neroFringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends.

Fringe dress. Yesterday I wrote about Fall Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Trends , today, instead, I want to show yo a new outfit in some photos taken at Venice Lido during our days at Venice Film Festival dedicate al Festival (you can read about it in THIS post. This September look is a kind of preview of summer to fall “transition” style.

Fringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends… in September!

I was wearing a black fringe dress that I find gorgeous (the front wrap beautifully enhance the waist). Fringe will continue to be a huge trend next season! Since the sky looked threatening, I decided to match this dress with mannish lace-ups and a wide brim hat. I hope you’ll appreciate this outfit and I can’t wait to read what you think about it :)

All 2016 Winter Trends!

72nd Venice Film Festival: my outfits and my adventure with Grey Goose

What I did and wore last year at Venice Film Festival!

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Long Dress With Front Slit… Wow! Wear it During the Day ;)


Abito lungo con spacco

Long Dress With Front Slit… Wow! Wear it During the Day ;)

Long dress with front slit. I love wearing long dresses during the day. This year maxi length clothing is super cool, long dresses or maxi skirts. The common denominator is that they have to be fresh, fluttering… and with slits of course! Long is good, but it has also to be sexy, isn’t it? So I choose a long black and white dress with front slit that I wore in the incredible video with “I Trentenni” (Legendary… it shows you an unknown side of my personality!). Watch the video here If you’re 30 you can no longer afford to wear it – ft. Irene’s Closet.

But back to the outfit… I match the dress with a pair of basic flat sandals, a skinny belt una cinturina to avoid the long-shirt effect and to make it more feminine and a jaunty backpack… What do you think? I’m waiting for your comments! A big hug!!

P.S Speaking of backpacks… Have a look HERE to see how to wear them in summer ;)

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Morellato e Irene Colzi: Cuoremio rock, frange e tacchi vertiginosi


Morellato e Irene Colzi

 Morellato e Irene Colzi: Cuoremio rock, frange e tacchi vertiginosi

Morellato e Irene Colzi. Della mia mini capsule firmata per Morellato vi ho già raccontato tutto in questo post: Cuoremio rock by Irene Colzi. Ovviamente non posso fare a meno di indossarla, ma non avevate dubbi vero? :D Mi piace tanto perchè ha delle linee pulite, eleganti ma allo stesso tempo grintose. I toni dell’oro e dell’argento poi rendono questi gioielli perfetti su ogni abbinamento! Questa volta vi mostro la collezione indossata in un look molto femminile: un paio di tacchi vertiginosi, una borsa gigante con le frange e un paio di jeans seconda pelle a vita alta.

Morellato e Irene Colzi: Cuoremio rock

Potete acquistare la collezione in esclusiva online sul sito di Morellato QUI e a partire dal 16 novembre nei monomarca Morellato di Milano, Venezia e Verona.

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Fringing: a trend for autumn winter 2015


frange moda inverno 2015

Fringing: a trend for autumn winter 2015

Fringes. Fringes are for hair and clothes. But this is the truth: fringes are in fashion. We have already talked about the fashion in terms of hair for 2015, and also of all the fashion trends for winter. Among these certainly worthy of note are the fringes. I speak to you because I like them a lot, as you have seen lately in my looks :D But how to wear them? Here are some ideas.

  • ON SKIRTS: skirts with fringes are super sexy, just look at Michael Kors (I put a picture of their own clothes in this post). The skirt with fringes requires a very clean look, possibly mono color or tone on tone, as you will see in these photos. I’d wear just for the evening or for special occasions.
  • ON COATS AND ON JACKETS: perfect for the day and for the evening. Easily worn with jeans, pants, skirts. I have worn a vest version when I was in London;)
  • THE ‘NOW YOU SEE ME’ EFFECT: If the fringes will seem too much but I like to go crazy, try the now you see me effect like I did in this look. Or short or discrete fringes at the end of the clothing. In this one can see but the motion effect is assured ;) In the gallery you will find some examples.
  • EVENING: charleston look. The fringes on the evening dresses are crazy !! It might be a different idea from usual for evening events, no?
    Where to buy: If you can not find in stores garments with fringes looking on online shopping (Like the good old ASOS) or in the vintage shops and flea markets. I found my skirt there!

To you all pictures inspiration !! Do you like fringes? :)

Source: Pinterest.com | CollageVintage.com | LadyAddicted | Adenorah | Maffeshion

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