Charm bracelet: here’s mine!


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Charm bracelet: here’s mine!

Charm bracelet. I’ve always been fascinated by charm bracelets: they’re essentially bracelets which reveal your personality, through little charms that narrate our experiences, feelings, interests, travels… who we are and how we feel. The charms are a way of expressing ourselves through jewellery! So for my charm bracelet I was very tempted by the glamour collection of charms by Giovanni Raspini (that I wore in this post, remember?). They are really original and fun, and I’ve decided to put together a little wardrobe of my charms… I’ve got one for everything! There’s everything from a bra to a perfume bottle to a dress to high heels and an IT bag of the moment! Isn’t it adorable?

Charm bracelet: a bra, a perfume bottle, heels and an IT bag. Here’s my super fashionable bracelet!

I’ve decided to pair it with a summery and feminine look. A pair of colourful sandals, a denim miniskirt, a basic shirt and a floral jacket.


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Animal bracelets: here’s mine!


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Animal bracelets: here’s mine!

Animal bracelets. If there’s a shop where I love to spend half an hour getting lost inside, while I’m wandering through the streets of my gorgeous city of Florence, it’s Giovanni Raspini (here’s the link to their website and store locator to find out where is your nearest shop… it’s not just in Florence!). Amongst all the furniture and jewellery, silver is the main material on offer, made into wonderfully unique shapes. The animal collection, that I’m wearing in this look, is one of my favourites. Lions, crocodiles, leopards, parrots and… chameleons!

Animal bracelets: a chameleon on my wrist… and leaves on my fingers! When jewellery is the main focus of your outfit…

Yes, you heard me correctly! I have a chameleon on my wrist: it’s a lovely little animal that’s both bold and original. I love it! I decided to wear it with a ring of leaves, also in silver. The look continues with a pair of high-waisted jeans, elegant accessories and an unexpected t shirt…

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