Caribbean Islands: Discovering Les Saintes – Guadeloupe Islands. Earthly Paradise #4/4



Caribbean Islands – Guadeloupe Islands: Les Saintes

Caribbean Islands. When you’re on the boat that, in about ten minutes, takes you back to Basse – Terre, probably a tear will slip out. Or at least, that’s exactly what happened to me leaving Les Saintes Islands, a tiny arcipelago of the Guadeloupe Islands

Caribbean Islands – Discovering Les Saintes – Guadeloupe Islands

Let’s go back to a couple of days ago. When you get of the boat in the little harbor of Les Saintes you get drunk on… color! The dark blue of the sea melts into a light turquoise, closer to the coast. Typical fishing boats are so colorful and match perfectly with the hues of the (few) houses that you can find on the island (Inhabitants of all 8 islands of the tiny archipelago are slightly over 2.000!). This island is so peaceful: calm, nature and traditions reign supreme.

Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful bays on the entire planet. We explored them all: you can choose an electric car (Car are only for the inhabitants and are really rare!), a moped (as we did), or the electric scooter hired at “Clear Blue Caraibes”. Or you can opt for a clear bottom kayaks ( we’ve tried this one too… you must try it, sea bad is stunning!) or for a paddle board (sea is always calm inside the bays). If you’d like to see them from above don’t miss Fort Napoléon ( hosting an interesting museum and a surprising garden).

As usual, I never turn down… good food! At “La Saladerie” we’ve tasted Tourment d’amour, a coconut pie with melted hot chocolate and vanilla icecream (obviously all local ingredients!). At “Au bon vivre” you must try the seared tuna with passion fruit sauce (OMG!) and at “Le Genois” grilled fish is always super fresh.

We stayed at “Le Kanaoa” a hotel right in front of the sea, that offers delicious lunches and a great manager, called Jimmy(ask him anythig, he’s ways the righ advice for you!)

That’s the end of our photo report from the Guadeloupe Islands, among fashion, travel and lifestyle.We’re working at a recap video about all my outfits and all my crazy adventures on the Guadeloupe Islands. It’s coming soon in the next post, along with a HUGE SURPRISE for you… Are you ready to pack? :)

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Caribbean Islands: Discovering the Guadeloupe Islands


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Caribbean Islands : Discovering the Guadeloupe Islands!

Carribean Island.  When you think about the Carribean Islands, you probably imagine green and lush islands, white and golden sand shores,  palm trees loaded with coconuts, crystal sea… And that’s exactly what you’ll find on the Guadeloupe Islands. No, I’m sorry, I mean you’ll find more than that, much more… it’s so weird that to go there, you don’t need  a passport or exchanging currency! (These islands are part of the overseas land of France).

Guadeloupe Archipelago is located just in the middle of the Carribbean and is composed of 5 islands: Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, La Désirade, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante.

I spent 8 amazing days on these islands, accompanied by  Ruddy Manne, a wonderful person and our excellent guide and driver for the whole week. A trip through the most beautiful bays in the world, dolphins, sea turtles, catamarans, kayaks, horses, history, aromas of spices, of coffee and cocoa…

After a flight Florence – Paris, Paris – Pointe-à-Pitre, on an Air France plane, we headed immediately towards Saint François on Grande-Terre Island, to our first hotel La Cocoteraie, welcomed by the typical aroma of tropical islands: sea, flowers and fruit… just extraordinary!

Caribbean Islands – The Guadeloupe Islands. Let me introduce you Petite – Terre!

We started our adventure, discovering the Guadeloupe Islands with an entire day on a catamaran with Paradoxe Croisieres (setting sail from Saint François). After 2 hours of sailing into the crystal blue of the ocean, complete with an encounter with dolphins (so exciting!) we arrived on the island of Petite-Terre, a real paradise on earth, protected and safeguarded. There, we had a close encounter with iguanas, bossy inhabitants of the island, also populated by nesting birds, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. One tropical fruit at the time, Giova and I went on exploring the island, so wild and pure, a delight for the eye and the soul. (Have you noticed the “tiny”seashells?). Enjoy the photos!

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