Harmont & Blaine, Paris: 24 Hours in Paris, the Dachshund and the New Boutique!


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Harmont & Blaine, Paris: The Opening Event


Harmont & Blaine, Paris.Some days ago I’ve been invited in Paris by a brand that is special for me, Harmont & Blaine. Why so special? Because this brand organized one of the first blogger event ever made, I attended it 6 years ago at Pitti, in Florence. They’re pioneers, because they’ve been the first to put trust in the role of bloggers. Since then Harmont & Blaine have had a great development in many ways. I had the pleasure to see it myself in Paris. But let’s start from the beginning :)

Harmont & Blaine, Paris: 24 Hours in Paris, the Dachshund and the New Boutique!

Harmont & Blaine is a family run business of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing with a upper casual contemporary, elegant and trendy style: it’s a continuously growing brand (it opened many one brand stores everywhere in the world… soon new boutiques will open in other China and in the US). In Paris I witnessed an important step for Harmont & Blaine: the grand opening of their first French boutique. And let me say that it is amazing (and it’s not just Italian pride). If you’re in Paris stop by! The store 400 sq m and it’s located in boulevard des Capucines, in the centra new shopping area  (just few steps from Galerie La Fayette). In the boutique, I particularly appreciate: the colors of furniture that represent Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, with the shades of vegetation (there’s also a garden-terrace inside the store), ocean, sand and the light of a 30 sq m led wall transmitting emotional images. When you enter this place, you don’t feel inside a prohibitive inaccessible boutique; it’s a refined, elegant yet cozy and warm space. In other words: Italians do it better!

Inside the store you can find men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. In the woman area I find some beautiful items (outwear and hats are incredible. In the pics you’ll see some of them that I tried during my afternoon visit to the store!). And here’s a little sneak peek… soon there’ll be great news in women’s clothing of the brand!
I leave you all the photos from inside the store, that we took in the afternoon and during the great opening party! What do you think? A big hug!


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