How To Wear a Scarf: Some Bright Ideas!


Come indossare la sciarpa

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How To Wear a Scarf: Some Bright Ideas!

How to wear a scarf.  As soon as cold arrives, the scarf is going to become your best friend. I have mixed feelings about scarves, I admit that I love them but sometimes I can’t stand them. I like scarves because when it’s really cold outside, I can’t do without them. I’m obsessed! But sometimes, I hate scarves because, I think they don’t look OK with the outfit I’m wearing or I don’t know where to put my long hair and they always get tangled in the scarf! That’s so annoying! And I never know if I should wear glasses, hats or other important accessories if I’m already wearing a scarf. So, I thought to create a guide with a list of outfits where the scarf is the protagonist, so I can understand how to wear it and match it properly. Scarf… en garde!

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