Little Black Dress: Different Ways to Wear It!


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Little Black Dress

Little black dress . The little black dress, is that item that, along with white shirt should never miss in your wardrobe. It’s the passe-partout of clothing, you can wear one in a lot of different occasions and in a lot of different ways. That’s why everyone loves it!!!

Little Black Dress: Different Ways to Wear It!

Speaking of which, one of the main risks, if you want to use this word, of wearing a little black dress, is to look boring. It’s easy to wear a black dress, so easy that you can find yourself in a room where every single girl wears a little black dress. Have you ever find yourself in such a situation? That’s why, in this post, I thought to collect some ideas on how to wear the little black dress. Lot’s of interesting tips that I found online. Are you ready to take note? Enjoy!

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Sheath Dress with a Sassy… Zipper! A Little Black Dress with a Pinch of Spice!


sheath dress black

Sheath Dress with a Sassy… Zipper!

Sheath Dress. Are you sick and tired of the same old little black dress,that dress that saves you every time you don’t know what to wear? The little black dress is like a life vest when your’re drowning in your wardrobe! But admit it, you’ve had enough! Luckly there’re many possible versions of the basic easy Little Black Dress. So, for next season choose a super stylish black dress, with an extra detail or a particular cut that can make the difference ( Take a look to THIS PAGE to see thousands of interesting variants of the Little Black Dress!).

Sheath Dress with a Sassy… Zipper! A Little Black Dress with a Pinch of Spice!

I think my version is super cute. Firstly for the cut. I know, I know… some of you will say that it’s too straight or that looks like a sack or like a tunic. Well, in this case, that’s exactly what makes this dress so cool: it’s one of the most stylish cuts for minimal dresses. But its most peculiar feature is the front zipper that you can open or close as much as you like. A bit sassy? Well, if you open it, especially when you walk, the dress looks super sexy, but if you close the zipper, it’s just an ordinary sheath dress. I love it, and you? What do you think? I matched it with a pair of peep-toe ankle boots and a black shoulder bag. I can’t wait to read your comments :) and I hope you like this outfit. A big hug!

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Another one of my total black outfit. I love it!

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Little Black Dress, a Touch of Yellow and Our Plans for Summer Vacations on the Way Back from Provence!


little black dress look

Little Black Dress, a Touch of Yellow and Our Plans for Summer Vacations on the Way Back from Provence!

Little black. Woooooow!! I’m on my way back from two wonderful days in Provence with l’Occitane, surrounded by lavender and sunflowers, among picturesque villages and incredible fragrances. Soon, very soon, I’ll tell you all about that: just give me the time of making a (very difficult) selection of the photos we took and to edit the video that we shot… it’ll be great!!

In the meanwhile I’d like to keep you updated about our plans for summer holidays. This year we’ll do all  at the last minute: these last months have been super intense and until few days ago we had no idea when we would have some time to rest and relax a bit! We haven’t decided yet and we don’t know where we’ll end up at last (There’s no need to say that I prefer mountain!).Who knows?! And you, where are you going??

But… today I’ll show you one of my recent outfits with a fluttering dress designed by my friend Maria from the Spanish blog Stella Wants to Die for FeatherPalm. I matched it with two long necklaces that I love because they have pendants made out of vintage Chanel buttons! A touch of color in the shoes and in bag and the look is done! What do you think? Do you like it?

A big hug to my beautiful girls. I’m always looking forward to reading your opinions about the outfit :)


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Little Black Dress: il potere di un look tutto nero!


little black dress

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress. Ho una carissima amica che si veste praticamente solo di nero: crea dei look fenomenali, sempre super cool e le stanno benissimo, soprattutto quando li abbina al suo rossetto rosso. Sempre elegante ma grintosa. Insomma, mi piace un sacco! Anche io adoro il total black ma, per come sono fatta io, do precedenza ai colori. Ma lo ammetto, il tocco di nero, come vi sarete accorte, non manca mai nei miei looks. Beh, questa volta un look tutto nero era quello del quale avevo proprio voglia.

Little Black Dress: il potere di un look tutto nero!

Un little black dress a maniche corte, di quelli super sexy, che avvolge come una seconda pelle. Un dettaglio inaspettato sulla schiena. Un paio di stivaletti con tacco grosso e la borsa Katy Bag di J&C jackyceline. Un look che mi piace un sacco: voi che dite? Vi mando un bacio e aspetto le vostre opinioni!


P.S. VUOI CURIOSARE TRA I MIEI LITTLE BLACK DRESS?? Lasciati ispirare dal mio nuovo motore di ricerca! Non sai come abbinare un certo capo oppure hai semplicemente voglia di curiosare nel mio armadio? Seleziona un capo o un accessorio e poi seleziona un colore. Troverai tutti i look nei quali ho indossato quel tipo di capo, di quel determinato colore. Provalo, qui:

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Sabot, il grande ritorno: io li metto così!




Sabot. Quando si sente questa parola spesso si inorridisce perchè si pensa a quelle scarpe, tutto tranne che sexy, che andavano qualche anno fa. Punta, zero tacco. Argh. Ma quest’anno i sabot, anzi i mules, come si dice dal popolo fashion, sono tornati alla grande e nella versione più sexy possibile. Sabot style sì, ma con tacco altissimo, possibilmente stiletto. O scultura come dice Celine.

Sabot, il grande ritorno: io li metto così!

Io ne ho preso un paio, questo di Aldo, un po’ di tempo fa. Mi piace abbinarli in looks extra femminili come questo little black dress, un make up dai toni estivi e la Paula Cademartori (Ah, sì, adoro Paula!). Spero che questo look vi piaccia e ovviamente aspetto curiosa le vostre idee. Sabot sì o no? :)

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