How to have more time.. to take our time: a look and a thought dedicated to us!


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How to have more time.. to take our time

This morning I woke up aware, aware that time is the biggest luxury and the most important thing we have in our lives. We’re accustomed to living our lives at 100 km an hour: a succession of things, faces, emotions and impulses. We’re in a perpetual vortex. And yet if you really think about it, time is the most precious thing we have: having the luxury to take time that is REALLY for us, in this big countdown that is our lives. Maybe that’s why December and the Christmas period is my favourite time of year. While December is the busiest time of the year between dinners, Christmas events and running around to get gifts, it is also the month during which we allow ourselves to take more time to just live, for ourselves and for others. We have the possibility to share our time with our friends and family, to spend time roaming through stores in search of something special for us and for others. We have time to think about the year that has passed and enjoy the moment. Yes, we have time to take our time.

How to have more time.. to take our time: a look and a thought dedicated to us!

And that’s how I decided to take these pictures here, in the middle of nature. Nature is my environment of choice when I need a moment to myself. And the good thing is I don’t even have to go far: here we’re at the Parco delle Cascine in Florence: do you know this park? I suggest you make your way here, take a walk surrounded by the trees and the green, orange, red and brown scenery: sit on a bench facing the Arno river and relax for a moment!

For this look I chose something comfortable and warm (without forgetting my new lace-up booties!) with an added touch: the Timex Tonal Collection watch in blue (The dial is also backlit for night time and water-resistant up to 30 meters deep!) Click HERE for the price.

Timex has been creating watches for over 160 years: they designed watches for the American soldiers in World War I, the first watch for women made out of diamonds and even the first Mickey Mouse watch! Today they create over 300 different styles of watches, from casual to chic to sporty. Because time is the most precious thing we have!
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Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!


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Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!!

Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants. More than a pair of culotte pants. More than palazzo pants. Pantskirt is the (old) new frontier of trousers. Today I’ve tried it in my outfit and I think is super fun! What do you think?

Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!!

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Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots


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Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots

Piazzale Michelangelo. Sometimes, there are things that you take for granted. Maybe because they’re always there in front of you. But, when someone that is not so used to that, someone detached and objective points out how extraordinary that thing is, you realize the beauty that’s in front of you. If you think about it, it always happens… like with your significant other when he’s been there at your side for many years!

Piazzale Michelangelo and My Outfit (Almost) Total Black

It happens with your family that’s always been with you. But only when you have problems you open your eyes and see, you understand how important and wonderful are the things that we take for granted because they’ve always been there. You’re so lucky and you and you must realize it! Never take this things for granted. Not even your city. Is the place where you were born and you see it every day. It’s amazing. Beautiful! And it’s your home! And despite its beauty, you don’t have time to stop and enjoy it You’re too used to it. You run up and down and you don’t see it! Well, sometime you need to stop and go back to your roots, forgetting about your crazy routine. You need to see with new eyes that thing that have always been there. Rediscover them. Reevaluate your everyday life. That’s a thing that I need to do sometimes….


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How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings: Outfit Ideas to Copy!


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How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings: Outfit Ideas to Copy!

How to wear thigh-high stockings. You can hate ore love them, but there’s no doubt that thigh-highs are not easy to match properly. The line between fashionable and vulgar is very thin! You have to match them right, avoiding terrible mistakes! I’m talking about over the knee socks that is very popular right now, especially in street style. Many of you ask me to write a post about thigh-highs, so here are lots of outfit ideas to wear them! ;)

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How to Dress For a Party With Friends: Mini Dress for the Coolest Outfit!


How to dressfor a partyHow to Dress For a Party With Friends

How to dress for a party with friends. I was looking for the perfect look to party with my friends… and when I saw this at Lamarca, I fall madly in love. The plissé skirt under the sweater with three quarter sleeves was too cool! Only later I found out that it was a one piece little dress… heart eyes!! Square shoulders create an optic effect that makes you look thinner and the length is mini, really mini, extra mini! But it’s okay, it’ll be super trendy this winter season. You’d say: “Isn’t it too light for winter?” Well, the fabric is quite thick so you’ll only need a pair of stockings and that’s it! I luv it so much!

How to Dress For a Party With Friends: Mini Dress (Or Mini Skirt?) for the Coolest Outfit… Also for the Day!

I decided to match it with a pair of super high heels, that make me look taller: the occasion was a night out with some friends, in a club! The same dress for the day? Easy: a pair of biker boots or combat boots and you’re ready to go. Finally I added a bucket bag, more casual that the classic clutch but better for the night than a hand bag… and most importantly more glamorous!

Okay, tell me your ideas about this outfit!!! I can’t wait to read your comments. I send you a hug!

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