7 Outfit Ideas For Summer… to Wear in the City! I want holidays so bad!


PicMonkey Collage7 Outfit Ideas For Summer… to Wear in the City!

Ideas for summer outfits. Dear friends! I need vacations and in my head there’s only one question repeating again and again: “When can I go on holiday?” We’ve talked about bikinis, summer outfits, but what about those that, like me, are still working in the city? Let’s hold hands ’cause we’re on the same boat!

If it’s of any consolation… let’s see some attire you can wear here in the city: now that weather is super hot and summer sales have begun (Have you read the post about what to buy now and wear in fall?) and… we almost feel like changing style and explore new trends for the next season… Naaaa! Summer’s not over yet and we have lots of summer outfits to show off. Here’s 7 outfit ideas for summer… to wear in the city!


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What to Wear in Super Hot Weather. My Uniform in the City!



What to Wear When It’s Super Hot.

What to wear when it’s hot. Hi my friends! Here in Florence I fell like the city is a giant (beautiful, of course) oven. As soon as I step out my natural environment during hot days, that’s to say everywhere I find air conditioning my one and only thought is: “Where is the sea?! I need it! NOW!”. How can pretty ladies like as can survive the steaming weather of July in the city? What can we do to be amazing without melting away? What to wear when it’s hot? Dress + sandals is the easiest option (Do you remember my Timberland gladiators?) but if you fancy something more elegant and formal for the day try this outfit. I wore it two days ago for some work appointment in my Florence.

What to wear when it’s super hot? My city uniform!

Short skirt,of course. But remember the rule  naked legs, at least in the city, means cover the top. So I chose a shirt by Timberland, very versatile in the coolest vitamin color for this season, lemon yellow  (Now it’is on sale, find it here!) and is made of a super light cotton-linen fabric. At last I match the outfit with leather accessories that, now that 70s are back is perfect this summer. A bag from my mum’s closet, and a pair of wedge sandals by Timberland. I love them because they’re high and super comfortable (Find them on sale HERE).

What do you think about this attire? I hope you like it!! Waiting for your comments:)))


P.S. to learn more read:‘70 Fashion is backFashion Mistakes to avoid in the city ;)

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Aperitivo Forte dei Marmi in un momento di pazzia


karma of charme stivali

Aperitivo Forte dei Marmi in un momento di pazzia

Aperitivo Forte dei Marmi. Un salto a Forte dei Marmi per l’aperitivo. Ecco cosa abbiamo fatto alcuni giorni fa io e Giova, presi da un impeto di pazzia. In realtà la Versilia per noi è davvero comoda: un ora o poco meno e siamo li! Così, presi dalla voglia di un aperitivo sul mare e di un tramonto sulla spiaggia abbiamo preso la macchina e siamo partiti. Per me la Versilia è l’oasi di relax marittimo accanto a casa.. quindi potete capire quanto io sia stata bene quella sera :) Prima di buttarci nella mischia abbiamo scattato le fotografie che vedete oggi.

Aperitivo Forte dei Marmi con Karma of Charme

I protagonisti assoluti del nostro aperitivo Forte dei Marmi sono gli stivali di Karma of Charme: il colore corallo lo trovo davvero bello (Poi riprendere il mio rossetto!) e la qualità è altissima. Ne avevo già indossato un paio nel deserto australiano, vi ricordate? Gli stivali, essendo completamente cuciti a mano con materiali di prima qualità sono adatti anche al clima caldo (QUI  LI PUOI COMPRARE ONLINE). Che ne dite del mio look? Vi abbraccio forte e grazie di seguirmi sempre :)))


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