Paris Fashion Week: here’s my report of Paris Fashion Week with L’Oréal!


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Paris Fashion Week!

Paris Fashion Week. After my experience in Milan as a Digital Ambassador for Elnett, I nipped across to Paris together with L’Oréal for Paris Fashion Week. Let me tell you, Paris is always beautiful, but during fashion week it is even more extra-specially magical. We went to lots of amazing fashion shows plus got to go backstage for several of them to see all the behind-the-scenes action. We discovered some really interesting collections, plus lots of new hair and make up trends. It was all a wonderful daydream, especially when I was lucky enough to meet some of the biggest fashion icons of the moment.

Paris Fashion Week: here’s my report of Paris Fashion Week with L’Oreal!

I ate in Michelin-star restaurants and I tried out incredible make up and hairstyles (obviously all styled by L’Oréal). And then I had an amazing hair colour make over from one of the best, most globally renowned hair colourists. All in all, my Parisian adventure was super intense but absolutely fantastic. Did you see all the action on my Snapchat (irenecolzi) and my Instagram (@ireneCCloset)? Well if you missed even a minute of what I’ve been getting up to, here are a few photos of my exciting few days in Paris…

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L’Oreal Elnett: my experience as an Ambassador for Milan Fashion Week!


L'Oréal braids

L’Oreal Elnett: my experience as an Ambassador for Milan Fashion Week!

L’Oreal Elnett. Milan Fashion Week has just finished and now we’re heading off to Paris Fashion Week, again together with Elnett at L’Oréal. This season I am actually the Digital Ambassador for L’Oréal Elnett for the Fashion Weeks, and together we are showing you how to achieve all the on-trend hairstyles from this fashion month! But before I show you tomorrow what the current hairstyle trends are, as seen on the catwalks… I’m unveiling which hairstyles I experimented with thanks to the L’Oréal and Elnett teams during Milan Fashion Week.

 L’Oreal Elnett: my experience as an Ambassador for Milan Fashion Week!

Every morning during Fashion Week I was beautifully pampered by the expert hands of the L’Oréal stylists in their studio inside the Hub of Camera della Moda (MFW HQ) in Piazza Gae Aulenti, the heart of the new super modern district of Milan. Here the L’Oréal team were in charge of creating beautiful, on-trend hairstyles for me every day, thanks to the legendary Elnett hairspray. I say legendary because this is an historic hairspray; the hairspray that all of our Mothers and Grandmothers used and still use today. I reckon that if it’s still the number one choice after all this time, it must be good, no?

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Mascara Miss Manga: io l’ho provato e ve lo faccio vedere (senza filtri)


Mascara Miss Manga

Mascara Miss Manga

Mascara Miss Manga. Sicuramente avrete visto la divertente pubblicità con Barbara Palvin del nuovo mascara Mega Volume Miss Manga di L’Oreal Paris. La musica è accattivante e Barbara interpreta al meglio lo stile bambola kawaii giapponese. Occhi giganti, in primo piano, con ciglia lunghissime effetto ciglia finte estreme. Ok, la pubblicità ci ha conquistate tutte, o sbaglio? Ma Barbara è bella, bellissima. Ma su di noi, l’effetto di Mega Volume del Mascara Miss Manga come sarà?

Così, incuriosita, ho scoperto in prima persona il mascara Miss Manga. Il segreto che si cela dietro questo mascara sta tutto nello scovolino: conico, a 360 gradi e flessibile che riesce a depositare un mascara nero intensissimo su ogni ciglia, superiori ed inferiori (!). Il risultato è che lo sguardo è due volte più aperto, il volume è moltiplicato.

Ma come si usa al meglio il Mascara Miss Manga ?

Occorre posizionare lo scovolino esattamente alla base della ciglia superiori (proprio alla base, così risulteranno più folte!) e procedere a zig zag dalla base alla punta (Non vi preoccupate se lo scovolino si flette, è fatto apposta, serve proprio per catturare tutte le ciglia). Poi posizionando lo scovolino in posizione verticale “sporcare” tutte le ciglia inferiori. Et voila! (Il prezzo è di 10,49 euro).

Ancora non siete convinte? Nel post di oggi ho indossato il Mascara Miss Manga così che possiate vedere l’effetto veritiero su delle ciglia… di una persona normale :D A me l’effetto piace molto, lo trovo davvero molto divertente (soprattutto sulle ciglia inferiori, l’effetto è quello di avere degli occhi giganti come quelli di una bambola!). Così ho deciso di interpretarlo in una versione “manga a modo mio” con tantissimi colori, scarpe con plateau estremo e… Uno shooting a tutta energia :D

Fatemi sapere che cosa ne pensate e se anche voi avete già provato il Mascara Miss Manga! Un abbraccio!

Do you now the Miss Manga mascara by L’Oreal Paris? For sure you have seen the funny commercial on TV with the amazing Barbara Palvin who perform the typical japonese kawaii doll. Super giant eyes, long eyelashes… The Miss Manga mascara seems amazing. But Barbara is gorgeous… How about the mascara on common people? So I was super curious to try it and  I decided to wear it. The secret is all about the brush: conical, flexible. It can lay down this super black mascara both on the upper and lower eyelashes in easy way. The eyes are really super big and more open! You are not still sure about it? Today I decided to show you the mascara to show you the effect on normal people eyelashes.. mine :D I love the effect, it’s super funny. I really feel like a kawaii doll (also thanks to this coloreful shoots thanks to Giova!). Hope you’ll like those pictures and let me know what do you think about Miss Manga, a big hug! :)

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