Make up bag must haves!



Make up bag must haves!

Make up bag must haves. Our make up bags are magical bundles of fabulousness. Sometimes, (especially when I look inside and find I left the lid off a lipstick and it’s now covered everything in red, or worse, my bronzer has broken into a million pieces), when I need to organise my make up, I discover loads of useless things hiding inside (“Ahh, that’s why the bag was exploding!”). But then I try to calmly and collectively reorganise it by filling it with the essential beauty and hair products that I need in my make up bag. So, what are my make up bag essentials??

In the meantime, check out my beauty routine tutorial!

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Colourful make up: here’s this Spring’s make up trend!



Colourful make up: here’s this Spring’s make up trend!

Colourful make up. Summer is coming, Spring is already here. So tell me, when is there a better time to play around with colour, not just for clothes but also for make up? This year, the Spring trend for make up is lots of colour! Colour POP, for both lips and eyes. Bold, bright colours, and even colour clashing. Make up for youngsters just got very grown up, for those who dare to try a bit of colour.

Colourful make up: here’s this Spring’s make up trend!

Among the first designers to launch the trend of super colourful make up on the catwalks was Raf Simons at Dior, with models wearing pink, blue and green make up, which was replicated by Chanel a couple of seasons later. This year, we’ve seen colourful make up not just on the SS16 catwalks but also on those for next Autumn/Winter (such as at Fendi and Missoni). Essentially, the catwalks have always loved this trend. But what about us?

It’s certainly not an easy trend to pull off in everyday life. But if you’re keen to try it out, here are a few ideas:

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Video Tutorial Makeup for Fall: Purple Lipstick and Gold Eyeshadow! #ireneCClosetTV


Video Tutorial Makeup for Fall: Purple Lipstick and Gold Eyeshadow!

Tutorial makeup for fall. Today it’s time for a new video tutorial!!! I thought to show you a new makeup that I’m using these fall days and that I really like because it’s protaganists are purple lips! Purple lipstick is a great makeup trend for this season. And what about eyes? Colors of autumn beetween gold and pulple. Here’s the video tutorial makeup for fall  where I’ll show you every single step to realize it! Below the list of the products tha I used. Enjoy the video! <3

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Natural and Bright Makeup Tutorial: My Summer Makeup #ireneCClosetTV


Natural and Bright Makeup Tutorial!

Natural and bright makeup tutorial. Hi ladies!! Some of my Instagram (@ireneccloset) followers asked me to make a little video tutorial about the makeup I’m using in these summer days. Suffocating hot days during which it’s better to avoid using heavy makeup. Enjoy my tutorial for a naturul and bright makeup that gives you a no makeup look and makes your skin look super smooth, bright and healthy! :)

Natural and Bright Makeup Tutorial: Summer Makeup! #ireneCClosetTV

If you liked the video… thumbs up! :))) Please leave your comments, questions, ideas!

A big hug for all my beauties, I can’t wait to see what you think of it! :)

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Makeup Tips for Lazy Girls: 9 Easy Beauty Hacks! :)



Makeup Tips for Lazy Girls

Makeup Tips for Lazy Giirls. Good morning my friends! Even thuogh I love makeup, I’ve got two big problems. The first one is clumsiness (Maybe recently I’ve been watching too many videos on YouTube and I feel hopeless!). The second one is makeup laziness. What can I do? No, the answer is not going out without make up… the answer is… wisen up! So I’ve learnt 9 beauty hacks for lazy girls and I want to share them with you ladies;)

Makeup tips for lazy girls that don’t like makeup: 9 precious tips! :)

1. Use nude eye pencil for the inner rim of the lower eyelid

Your eyes will look bigger and less tired. Be generous with mascara. Black eye pencil is forbidden!

2.Nude pencil for fuller lips

Apply the same light nude pencil to just the center of your lips. Lightly blend out the edges of the lighter color with your finger then finish off with a gloss. Your lips will look bigger!

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