How to Dress For a Party With Friends: Mini Dress for the Coolest Outfit!


How to dressfor a partyHow to Dress For a Party With Friends

How to dress for a party with friends. I was looking for the perfect look to party with my friends… and when I saw this at Lamarca, I fall madly in love. The plissé skirt under the sweater with three quarter sleeves was too cool! Only later I found out that it was a one piece little dress… heart eyes!! Square shoulders create an optic effect that makes you look thinner and the length is mini, really mini, extra mini! But it’s okay, it’ll be super trendy this winter season. You’d say: “Isn’t it too light for winter?” Well, the fabric is quite thick so you’ll only need a pair of stockings and that’s it! I luv it so much!

How to Dress For a Party With Friends: Mini Dress (Or Mini Skirt?) for the Coolest Outfit… Also for the Day!

I decided to match it with a pair of super high heels, that make me look taller: the occasion was a night out with some friends, in a club! The same dress for the day? Easy: a pair of biker boots or combat boots and you’re ready to go. Finally I added a bucket bag, more casual that the classic clutch but better for the night than a hand bag… and most importantly more glamorous!

Okay, tell me your ideas about this outfit!!! I can’t wait to read your comments. I send you a hug!

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