OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!



OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!

OVS Fashion Message. When I told you a week ago on Snapchat about my new collaboration with OVS, I was so excited. And I’ll tell you why. Those of you who have been following me for a while know it: OVS was one of the first brands I collaborated with. It was 2010 and only a few months after I opened my blog when Scott Shuman shot me for the OVS fall-winter 2010-2011 campaign (HERE if you’re curious to know more). Over the past few years we have collaborated together on many projects, one more exciting than the next: the one related to Expo (that was incredible!), to the opening of the biggest OVS store in the world to the OVS Arts of Italy to list only a few.

The project we are announcing today is on a whole other level: it’s pure innovation, in my opinion. Today is the start of the OVS Fashion Message for which I’ll be your Digital Personal Stylist: I’ll be the one to give you style tips while you shop at OVS!! Okay, okay, don’t worry! Let’s start from the beginning and let me explain what I’m talking about and how it works!

OVS Fashion Message: here’s what it’s all about 

If you have the OVS APP (if you don’t have it yet, download it on the App Store or on Android!) and you find yourself near or inside an OVS store in Italy, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone… from me!!! In these notifications you’ll find some of my never before seen looks wearing OVS pieces available in stores at that moment that you’ll be able to purchase in real time, and you’ll also find style capsules on pairings and trends present in the store.

While you’re shopping I’ll be there virtually to give you a few style tips on what you’ll see in stores… I find it awesome to say the least! Aside from my tips, you’ll also receive news on promotions, prices and personalized digital coupons that you can use by simply passing your smartphone at the cash.

All you have left to do is try it.. and let me know what you think about my looks and style tips you’ll receive on your cell phone while you’re shopping at OVS!

The look in this post is a 100% OVS look that I put together to inaugurate this collaboration: a 70’s-inspired look that.. Well, all you have to do is download the OVS app, head over to an OVS store and read my style tips in real time.. I’ll be with you until February! :))

Happy shopping!


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Arts of Italy: the OVS collection inspired by our beautiful arts!


outfit estivo

Arts of Italy: the OVS collection inspired by our beautiful arts!

Arts of Italy. I don’t know about you, girls, but I’m completely and deeply in love with my country. With my beautiful Florence, of course, but also with the entire country that is full of such light and beauty which is admired by the whole world: our Italy. So when there are projects which appreciate and celebrate our beautiful country and its countryside and arts (of which there is a lot!), I’m always really interested: more so than with projects about fashion. So this is the Arts of Italy project by oVS which celebrates our Italian works of art.

Arts of Italy: and what if I wore… a rose window? 

Arts of Italy is a capsule collection for both men and women that is inspired by the details of important cultural treasures from the history of Italian art, from the north to the south: an ornament? An embellishment? A mosaic? For women there are pieces inspired by the mosaics of the Salerno cathedral, and of the rose window of the San Pietro di Tuscania Church, Viterbo. For men there are pieces inspired by the geometric prints of the Roman house of Spoleto, the dome of the Sant’Ivo at the Sapienza University in Rome, the sculptures of the Scala dei Giganti in the Ducal Palace in Venice. FIND THE COLLECTION HERE.

Part of the money made from sales of the collection will be donated to the restoration of various masterpieces of Italian art.

The work of art that I chose to wear is the Basilica Romanica, which is the cathedral of Tuscania built in the XIII century, with its beautiful rose window that inspired this look. I chose to shoot the photos of this look in the Tuscan countryside: it’s a work of art in itself! I hope you like this look, let me know what you think!

SEE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE (Buy it online or in OVS stores)

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Fall Winter Fashion 2015 2016: Super Trendy Low Cost Outfit!


red dress tartan (8)

Fall Winter Fashion 2015 2016

Fall winter fashion 2015 2016. One of the hottest trend of fall winter fashion 2015 2016, as I already told you in my list of season trends, it’s tartan and a rock’n’roll, determined and fierce style. So, today, I decided to interpret this trend with a low cost total look by OVS!

Fall Winter Fashion 2015 2016: Super Trendy Low Cost Outfit!

I love the tartan dress, it’s the real protagonist of the outfit! I saw it during the opening party of the biggest OVS store in the world, in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan. Do you remember? The fabric is thick, perfect for this season (it goes perfectly with fishnet or black stockings and a leather jacket if it’a bit chilly). I decided to finish off my outfit with a pair of punk rock combat boots and a backpack. A casual look, perfect for the day and super trendy . I luv it!!!

What about this outfit, do you like it? I’m curious to read your opinion!


My adventure at EXPO with OVS (Part 1) /(Part 2)

OVS Opening party in Milan (the video!)

Fall Winter Fashion: colors, prints and all the trends!

Fall Winter Shoes Trends: 12 pairs you must have!

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The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires, Milan


The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires Milan

The biggest store in the world. When, on my blog or on Instagram and Facebook, I tell you about the events that I’m attending all around the world, I do it through images. But this time, considering the special occasion, I decided to add a video to the photos, a Vlog that reports all the evening from getting ready in my hotel room: makeup and outfit, to the actual party!

As I was saying, it was a spacial day: the great opening of the biggest store in the world, a new OVS store, in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires! Once inside, you immediately feel the hugeness of the place: a gigantic piano, an actual playground area for kid and a really interesting menswear floor with a fitness clothing section and one with Studio Vincenzo De Cotiis Architets. You feel inside an international store, the space is super luminous and well organized (following the most innovative concepts of sustainability like the decrease of 30% in energy consumption and 40% in water consumption).

The Biggest Store in The World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires. Come with Me in the Backstage of the Party!

The store is extremely innovative, with some mind-blowing details. For instance: two virtual fitting rooms, Magic Fitting Room: instead of a mirror you find a huge interactive big screen. Through the cameras inside the fitting room you can see yourself from every angle while you’re trying some clothes (pure genius!) and if the size is wrong you just need to tap the touchscreen and a shop assistant will bring you the right size inside the fitting room so you don’t have to take your clothes back on… super convenient! Kids have a magic fitting room too; inside it they can live a wonderful adventure into the depth of the ocean or high up in the space… and they can even take a selfie! Both for children and adults (as you’ll see in the video) there’s a platform called Play Your Look where you can make you outfit play some music! It’s real fun!!! You’ll see it! ;) To be continued after a break…

OVS event outfit (1)

My adventure at Expo with OVS (Part 1)

My adventure at Expo with OVS (Part 2)

My YOUTUBE channel ireneccloset.TV with all my videos

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Expo 2015: My Expo Tour With OVS! Part 2 #OVSforEXPO


Expo 2015 with OVS: Part 2!

Expo 2015. After my first experience at Expo with OVS I got home super excited : Expo 2015 is a really  great occasion  for those who want to learn a bit about every country in the world and get in touch with different and distant cultures (but tradition from near but unknown countries!). So, last week, I was really glad to have the opportunity to continue my tour inside Expo, carrying on the second part of my exploration inside the international exhibition, from Italy to… Japan! Not bad at all :)

Expo 2015: My Tour at Expo with OVS – Part 2! #OVSforEXPO

Our first stop of the second day at Expo 2015 was OVS Store that we already had the chance to explore during our first adventure inside Expo. Exploring, you’ll say? Yes, because that’s not a regular store is an interactive digital shopping experience. In other words, a foretaste of future shopping! (If you want to see it watch the video!). Then knowing that, in Expo prospective of sustainability, the store will be re-qualified as a kindergarten for the children of OVS employee working in Venezia Mestre department, makes everything evend more amaziong! This time the store was where I quickly change my outfit: inside OVS store of Expo 2015 besides the limited edition EXPO collections (Find the here), you can find some items from OVS Summer Collection 2015! While I was looking for my outfit I cast glance to the new t-shirts  by Elio Fiorucci inspired by Saint Francis’ “Cantico delle Creature” (But I’ll tell about them later and more extensively because they’r really gorgeous!)





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