Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!


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Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!!

Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants. More than a pair of culotte pants. More than palazzo pants. Pantskirt is the (old) new frontier of trousers. Today I’ve tried it in my outfit and I think is super fun! What do you think?

Pantskirt or Palazzo Pants? An Unusual Outfit!!

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Palazzo Pants: The Most Flattering Pants You Can Wear!!


palazzo pantsPalazzo Pants: The Most Flattering Pants You Can Wear!!

Palazzo pants. I love this kind of trousers! They’re magic! Pallazzo pants will make you look slimmer and taller. No other pants can compare with them! I recommend you high waist and to wear them with extra high heels… enjoy the magic!!

Palazzo Pants: make you look super slim and tall!!

The protagonists of this outfit are palazzo pants with navy  buttons by Ventifive (I’ve already worn  a Ventifive total look in THIS post). I decided to match them with a total black outfit with different textures of fabric: the bon ton transparent blouse that perfectly matches a boyish blazer.. What do you think about this look? I’m curious to read your opinions in the comment section! Love!

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Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes by Vogue Eyewear!



Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes!

Palazzo Pants.  One of the trends of this season (Find out all the trends here! ) are definetely stripes (I write about them few days ago!). Versatile in town and on the beach, they are protagonist in every season, that’s a fact!

Palazzo Pants & Vogue Eyewear

Stripe are not just for clothes, this year stripes contaminate accessories too. As you can see in the wonderful pics of the campaign featuring Adriana Lima, Colorbands Sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear, have stripes on the arms, which are made of 4 blocks with different colors combined manually to create this colorbands effect… they can have bright color (like Adriana Lima’s!) or different shades of blck, like mine! I think they’r super chic because I adore black sunglasses but they’re not ordinary and predictable. This detail with stripes makes them brighter and very unusual!

I matched them with a b/w outfit and white palazzo pants (Check them out in this video)  and a funny clutch! I hope you enjoy this attire , and as always I look forward to reading your comments :)


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Borsa nera che sta bene con tutto? E’ Calvin Klein e ve la presento oggi


borsa nera calvin klein Una borsa nera che sta bene con tutto

Borsa nera che sta bene con tutto. Ci sono delle persone che sanno immortalare il meglio di te. Che hanno un occhio incredibile per i dettagli. Ci sono persone che trovano forme e ne aggregano altre per creare un qualcosa di speciale, una fotografia. Io ho un amico, Giorgio Leone, che quando “Think Visual”, crea delle foto che parlano da sole, come queste. (Mi avete gia’ vista immortalata da lui QUI, QUI e anche QUI).

Borsa nera che sta bene con tutto? Ve la presento oggi

Metti una struttura architettonica moderna, nel bel mezzo di Firenze. Un tramonto pazzesco alla fine di una giornata di vera primavera. Una luce meravigliosa. Protagonista la borsa Calvin Klein della nuova collezione primavera estate 2015, la tipica borsa nera che sta bene su tutto perche’ e’ elegante con un look elegante, e’ casual con un look casual. Rettangolare, pulita, elegante, moderna. Cosi come le foto che vedete oggi.

Vi piace? Aspettiamo le vostre opinioni.

QUI trovate tutte le mie foto scattate da Giorgio Leone per Think Visual.


P.S. VUOI CURIOSARE TRA I MIEI LOOK? Lasciati ispirare dal mio nuovo motore di ricerca! Non sai come abbinare un certo capo oppure hai semplicemente voglia di curiosare nel mio armadio? Seleziona un capo o un accessorio e poi seleziona un colore. Troverai tutti i look nei quali ho indossato quel tipo di capo, di quel determinato colore. Provalo, qui:

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Palazzo trousers and culottes, a super trend for 2015: leg-lengthening and they look great on everybody!


Pantaloni palazzo

Palazzo trousers and culottes, a super trend for 2015: leg-lengthening and they look great on everybody!

Palazzo trousers and culottes. Palazzo trousers, those broad, straight legged and possibly high waisted trousers, are back with a bang. And I have to tell you, I’m super happy! They are truly elegant, minimal, feminine and look good on everyone, just choose the right length;)

– CLASSIC PALAZZO TROUSERS: High waisted, straight leg length that covers the shoes. For smaller girls, try with heels or wedges: they will make your legs look endless! For taller girls they work even with flat shoes, loafers, oxfords and sneakers.

– CULOTTES: they are those which are wide and come down to mid-calf or above the ankle. They are super trendy and the most fashionable at the moment but shorter girls must be careful and wear them with heels. For taller girls, try with sneakers or slipons, nice!

 – IDEAS FOR OUTFITS: mannish shirts with heels or classic t-shirt, belt and leather jacket or even patterned shirt or tartan and leather belt, for a 70s style look.

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