Mix & Match: playing with prints


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Mix & match: playing with prints

Mix & match. Pairing lots of colours in one look isn’t easy (If you find this tricky, have a look at my guide on my blog for how to combine different colours!), let alone pairing lots of different coloured prints and patterns altogether. However, with a little bit of practice it’s actually not so difficult. The trick is to mix contrasting patterns but make sure they all have the same colour spectrum (in my case here, red and white), and to wear them with neutral accessories (in my case black, but white or grey would also work well).

Mix & match: my print-clashing look!

So I’ve gone for a long red and white coat, a leopard-print skirt (but one with red and white details to continue the colour palette), a black and white striped shirt and black accessories. What do you think of the result? I’m very curious to know what you think ;)

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