Christmas Present 2015: My Amazing and Unexpensive Ideas in a Video!!! #ireneSClosetXmas


Christmas Present 2015: My Amazing and Unexpensive Ideas in a Video!!! 

Christmas Present 2015. Christmas is the time of the year that I absolutely prefer… I love Christmas atmosphere! Colors, fragrances, happy and familiar feelings! I’m so happy that Christmas time is coming soon! Here on my blog I’m preparing many posts about Chistmas… of course! Have you seen the video about festive outfits for Christmas Holidays? :))) Taday is the turn of a video about 9 ideas for Christmas presents. Super cute, smart prices and easy to buy on the Internet , you find them all on Asos! What about those unicorn slipper ? Aaaaaw! they’re so cute! Enjoy the video and after some photos you’ll find all the links to the e-store!

Christmas Present 2015: Are Following #ireneSClosetXmas?!

Are you following #ireneSClosetXmas??? Like I did last year, I’ll let you be part of my Christmas with many great ideas and contests on Instagram and Facebook! Since today we’re talking about presents… why don’t you share on Instagram with the tag @ireneCCloset and #ireneSClosetXmas the weirdest, craziest, funniest or simply the best gifts that you’d like to receive for Christmas? Things that you’ve seen in stores, shop windows and on line store! Maybe showing our favorite presents we could inspire each other!!

And if you want you can participate in another contest, share with me on Instagram, your holiday outfits till the January 2. take a selfie or have someone take you a picture with your festive attire (during parties, dinners with family and friends, on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Eve… every time you are celebrating!) with the tag @ireneCCloset and #ireneSClosetXmas. My favorite outfits are going to be protagonists in a photo gallery that I’ll post on my Facebook page “Irene’s Closet”, during this month. My 330.000 Facebook followers and I, of course, are going to comment all your outfits, the best and the worst too!:)

For now, enjoy the video!!!

cosa regalare a natale (2)

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A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: How to Get It!


box natale l'occitane

A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: How to Get It!

A Christmas Present For You. Girls!! I’ve been thinking about this for years! And finally my dream comes true, thanks to L’Occitane! This Christmas I have a present for all the girls that follow me. :))) In collaboration with L’Occitane I made a Christmas gift box with some lovely drawings (designed to be used as jewel case, or to contain makeup, cards, etc… That’s so cute!). Inside, you’ll find 5 little tubes of hand cream, with different fragrances, that look like they’ve just been stolen by the bag of a painter.

During my trip in Provence with L’Occitane and later during my experience at L’Occitane boutique in MilanI found out that L’Occitane hand cream is the most sold in the world. People buy one every few seconds, every day all over the world. And I’m going to give it to you for Christmas! :)))

A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: All the Details!

You can have it FOR FREE in every L’Occitane Stores (HERE you find where)with a purchase of 15€ or more, you just have to say to the shop assistant that you are a follower of IRENE. You can also find the box on the website loccitane.itand you’ll get it at home for all your purchases of15€ or more by writing the password IRENE in the promotion field of your shopping cart before confirming your order. The offer is valid from today 24 November 2015 till 31 December 2015 or while supply last!

(To be continued…)

box hand creams for Christmas

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Regali di Natale? Ecco cosa NON fare (+2 outfits idee per Natale)


regali di natale

Regali di Natale? Ecco cosa NON fare (+2 outfits idee per Natale)

Non sono una di quelle da “Regalo per forza”. Anzi! Spesso soprattutto con Giova evitiamo di farci i regali per “investire” su qualcos’altro. Però non lo nego: è bello avere tanti regalini sotto l’albero. E’ bellissimo aprire i pacchetti sotto l’albero la sera o la mattina di Natale. E’ super bellissimo aprire i pacchetti e trovare qualcosa che ci piace. E’ super imbarazzante trovare qualcosa che non ci piace per niente e, grati ugualmente per il dono, cercare di non spengere il sorriso o l’entusiasmo “Ehm, sì, graaaazie! Beeeeellisssimo!”. Ohhh quante volte mi è capitato? Un’infinità! 

Così oggi, prendendo spunto dal video di Trollbeads che in questi giorni di Natale sta spopolando sul web (VEDI QUI oppure dopo il salto) e che parla proprio di “A Natale evita un regalo sbagliato” , mi è venuto in mente di fare una lista di consigli su cosa NON COMPRARE a Natale (Irene’s Closet docet!).

It’s wonderful when we open our packs under the tree on Christmas Eve or the following morning. It’s super wonderful when we open our packs and find something we like. It’ super embarrassing when we find something you don’t like at all and, still being grateful for the gift, we try not to quench our smile and enthusiasm. So today, taking the cue from Trollbeads’s video that has been having a big success on the web in these Christmas days (SEE HERE) and that speaks exactly about “At Christmas avoid a wrong present”, I had the idea of making a list of tips on what NOT TO BUY for Christmas (Irene’s Closet docet!). Here’s to you!

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