A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!


outfit vestito a righe colorate

A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!

A colourful striped dress. Hey girls!! Today I was in need of some colour. Have you seen my gorgeous colourful striped dress?!?! I’ve gone a bit wild but still sticking to the 3 primary colours. The rule is that you can’t wear more than three colours at the same time, excluding black and white, which are neutral. I told you about a few secrets for wearing colours in this post!

A colourful striped dress: so much colour!

In this look I wore a colourful striped dress in red, blue and white worn with a yellow bag (my favourite bag!! In this post I’ve given you 21 good reasons to buy colourful bags, remember?). I didn’t think this pairing would work, but in fact, red, blue and yellow go perfectly together. What do you think? I chose white neutral shoes so not to distract from the look. Scroll down for all the photos! Let me know what you think and if you like this look :)

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Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes by Vogue Eyewear!



Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes!

Palazzo Pants.  One of the trends of this season (Find out all the trends here! ) are definetely stripes (I write about them few days ago!). Versatile in town and on the beach, they are protagonist in every season, that’s a fact!

Palazzo Pants & Vogue Eyewear

Stripe are not just for clothes, this year stripes contaminate accessories too. As you can see in the wonderful pics of the campaign featuring Adriana Lima, Colorbands Sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear, have stripes on the arms, which are made of 4 blocks with different colors combined manually to create this colorbands effect… they can have bright color (like Adriana Lima’s!) or different shades of blck, like mine! I think they’r super chic because I adore black sunglasses but they’re not ordinary and predictable. This detail with stripes makes them brighter and very unusual!

I matched them with a b/w outfit and white palazzo pants (Check them out in this video)  and a funny clutch! I hope you enjoy this attire , and as always I look forward to reading your comments :)


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Matching Stripes. From the City To the Seaside… and Back!


Righe e abbinamenti

 Matching Stripes

Matching Stripes.  What pops up in your mind when you think of stripes? I always imagine a beach outfit to wear while eating an ice-cream on the marina, during summer holidays. Ah that’s wonderful!! Black and white stripes, a pair of sandals, Panama hat, shorts and a shoulder bag. Ready to go!! But, why not, also in town stripes can be OK: extremely elegant e super cool this summer (Take a look at the designers’ proposals on the catwalk…).Have you got any idea for a striped city outfit?

Matching Stripes. From the City To the Seaside… and Back!

HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL? you’ve probably heard it a thousand time, but, it’s worth repeating: horizontal stripes make you look broader while vertical stripes had a slimming effect. This a visual effect. So stripes can help us with our shapes: pick horizontal striped t-shirt and shirts if your torso is smaller than hips and legs and vice versa. The effect is guaranteed!
STRIPES WITH.. STRIPES, POLKA DOTS OR FLORAL PRINT. Is a Trend! Match stripes with stripes (with different thickness and color) or with polka dots or floral print. Try it yourself! (or just copy & Gabbana!)

ONLY ONE DETAIL.. SHOES!: What about just one striped accessory? Pick striped shoes: surprising and fun!


Have fun with my new search engine! If you don’t know how to match an item or you simply feel like snooping into my closet… choose a garment or an accessory then pick the color. You’ll find all my outfits with this particular clothing item in the color you picked. Try it! http://www.ireneccloset.com/looks

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Air force one Nike e an italian theory


Air force one look

Air force one Nike e An Italian Theory

Air force one. Certo che questa Settimana della Moda abbiamo scattato un sacco, un sacco, un sacco di foto eh! Ho ancora qualche look da mostrarvi e questo è uno dei miei preferiti perchè mixa alcuni tra i miei capi e accessori preferiti del momento.

Air force one Nike a occhio e croce

I bijoux di Sodini che oramai sono diventati parte integrante dei miei looks e dai quali non mi voglio più separare, le mie Nike Air Force One, comodissime e perfette per correre di qui e di la e che trovo super abbinate, un po’ a contrasto, con look che ad occhio e croce avrebbero richiesto un altro tipo di scarpe. L’esempio è questo completo di una qualità pazzesca creato da Chiara Furlan, giovane emergente veneziana che ho avuto il piacere di conoscere al Festival del Cinema. E poi una borsa che spacca, ovviamente. Insomma, questo look è tra i miei preferiti. E voi che cosa ne pensate? Vi piace? Un abbraccio e aspetto le vostre idee!

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Sandali Prada oro e rossi per un look iper femminile!


fashion blogger italia

Sandali Prada oro e rossi per un look iper femminile!

Sandali Prada. Ho desiderato questi sandali Prada da tempo immemore, da quando li ho visti in sfilata, praticamente. Poi è arrivato Giova con un pacco: eccole, loro! In versione oro e rosso (Poi si sa, il rosso spacca!) :D Belle, bellissime, non particolarmente comode con quel tacco vertiginoso ma.. wow, ok, sono innamorata (Sia delle scarpe, sia di Giova :D).

Sandali Prada oro e rossi per un look iper femminile!

Ho deciso di abbinare questi sandali Prada così, con una gonna a ruota a vita alta e una camicia a righe. Una mini, mini, mini bag ha poi completato il look. Che ne dite? Aspetto le vostre idee, vi mando un abbraccio!

I really loved those Prada sandals until the first moment! Thanks to my Giova for this awesome gift, I love them :D :D I decided to wear those Prada Sandals with a high waist skirt and a striped shirt. What do you think? Let me know your toughts :D

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