A blue hat, some colourful accessories and a bicycle: the Sodini icons!


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A blue hat, some colourful accessories and a bicycle: the Sodini icons!

A blue hat. Do timeless icons exist today? Yes indeed, those symbols, those iconic figures, those objects that remind us of generations and generations that never seem to fade, in the eyes of both youngsters and veterans. When we speak of certain people, the icons seem to radiate perfection, in every sense of the word. When we speak of iconic objects, instead we speak of objects that have become symbols: either symbols of an era, of a status or of a fashion.

A blue hat and some colourful accessories

My favourite timeless icon is my trusty bicycle given to me by my grandmother: it symbolises holidays in Versilia and my childhood in Florence – a moment in time. For me, it has become a symbol of elegance and a way for me to get around the city while still looking graceful. I’ve paired the bike with an outfit that nods to another era: a pair of high heels (why not, they work really well on a bike!) with a hat, a floaty dress and some timeless jewellery. The finishing touches include a statement necklace that is super versatile and works for day time outfit or a a smarter evening ensemble, plus a colourful bracelet that brightens up your look.


2222 outfit vestito irene's closet irene colzi ACCESSORI SODINI idee outfit Cappello blu
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I’m wearing accessories by Sodini that you can see right HERE along with the rest of the collection ;)

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Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots


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Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots

Piazzale Michelangelo. Sometimes, there are things that you take for granted. Maybe because they’re always there in front of you. But, when someone that is not so used to that, someone detached and objective points out how extraordinary that thing is, you realize the beauty that’s in front of you. If you think about it, it always happens… like with your significant other when he’s been there at your side for many years!

Piazzale Michelangelo and My Outfit (Almost) Total Black

It happens with your family that’s always been with you. But only when you have problems you open your eyes and see, you understand how important and wonderful are the things that we take for granted because they’ve always been there. You’re so lucky and you and you must realize it! Never take this things for granted. Not even your city. Is the place where you were born and you see it every day. It’s amazing. Beautiful! And it’s your home! And despite its beauty, you don’t have time to stop and enjoy it You’re too used to it. You run up and down and you don’t see it! Well, sometime you need to stop and go back to your roots, forgetting about your crazy routine. You need to see with new eyes that thing that have always been there. Rediscover them. Reevaluate your everyday life. That’s a thing that I need to do sometimes….


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50’s Skirts: New Trends, Memories and Accessories That Make the Difference…



50’s Skirts: New Trends, Memories and Accessories That Make the Difference…

50’s Skirt. When I was a child on Sundays I used to go to lunch at my grandparents’ house, with mum and dad. One of the strongest memories, of those days, that I cherish in my mind, is the sense of surprise, happiness and enthusiasm, when my grandma (that for tradition and passion used to sew her own clothes) opened the big “closet of old things” in the hallway. Inside, surrounded by every kind of gewgaws, I felt like being on the treasure island.The treasure was there in front of me: a multitude of baubles, old objects and clothes of course, that for me were so strange to look like Halloween costumes: the princess, the pirate and the farmer…

New Trends, Memories and Accessories That Make the Difference…

Today I know very well that those clothes were precious and original memories of distant days, that made the history of fashion: the farmer costumes, full of patchwork and earth colors were from the Seventies. The pirate clothes with bustiers and flamboyant fabrics were from the Eighties, while the princess dresses, my favorite of course, came directly from the Fifties and the Sixties. The most precious. Those 50’s skirts were too big for me at the time: but they could become wonderful dresses to dance and walk like a model along the hallway while my mom, my dad and my grandparents were cheering and clapping.

Today this 50’s skirts are one of my favorite items (And when my hyper-technological grandma see me wearing one on my blog, is so happy!)


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Cambia look con gli accessori: 5 looks che te lo dimostreranno


Cambia look con gli accessori

Cambia look con gli accessori

Cambia look con gli accessori. Se mi seguite sulla mia pagina Instagram Irene’s Closet, sapete già di che cosa sto parlando. Insieme a Sodini, marchio toscano di bijoux (Vi ricordate, erano stati miei partners durante la Settimana della Moda di Milano) abbiamo creato una serie di video in esclusiva per Instagram a tema #cambiaLookConGliAccessori. Sì perchè con i giusti accorgimenti ed i giusti accessori un look può radicalmente cambiare.. come vi dimostreremo :D I look che abbiamo creato ed i video che Giova ha girato sono stati così carini (e sono andati così bene!) che abbiamo deciso di riproporveli anche qui, sul blog: questa volta in un unico video che racchiude i 5 cambiamenti look, breve ma intenso! In più tutte le foto del cambio look.. pronte?! Cambia look con gli accessori!

Siamo curiosi di sapere quale versione di “me” preferite :D 

Cambia look con gli accessori: 5 looks che te lo dimostreranno. Il video.

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Seat Mii by Mango: la mia notte in disco tra laser e acrobate


MII by Mango Night

Seat Mii by Mango

Seat Mii by Mango. Ore 23.30, Roma. Inforco il mio tubino più  fashion, fatto di rouche e super attilatissimo. Un paio di anfibi, giusto per stare comoda ed una mini bag. Rossetto rosso e pronta per una serata che si fa presto a chiamare alba. E’ la #MIIbyMangoNight, una serata al Capitol Club di Roma sulle note del Dj Cristian Marchi che ci ha fatto ballare e divertire come non mi capitava da tempo. Acrobate, giochi di luce.. ma la protagonista è stata solo una, la più bella della serata. La nuova Seat Mii by Mango, appena arrivata in Italia.

Seat Mii by Mango: la mia notte in disco tra laser e acrobate

Io ragazze, vi dico la verità, di macchine non me ne intendo molto. Per questo c’è Giova che è sempre aggiornato sulle ultime novità. Io ogni tanto sbuffo ma guardate, su questa city car ci troviamo pienamente d’accordo: unisce tecnologia, praticità, prestazioni e ovviamente fashion. Sviluppata congiuntamente dal centro design Seat e dagli stilisti di Mango è Beige o Nero, logo di Mango sul portellone, inserti cromati, interni in Alcantara, cuciture beige: bellissima, la compagna di shopping ideale per la città,;)

Una informazione in più: potete vincere un kit Mii by MANGO (QUESTO!), semplicemente collegandosi QUI e registrandovi!

A voi tutte le foto della serata :))

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