Mix & Match: playing with prints


come indossare Mix e match

Mix & match: playing with prints

Mix & match. Pairing lots of colours in one look isn’t easy (If you find this tricky, have a look at my guide on my blog for how to combine different colours!), let alone pairing lots of different coloured prints and patterns altogether. However, with a little bit of practice it’s actually not so difficult. The trick is to mix contrasting patterns but make sure they all have the same colour spectrum (in my case here, red and white), and to wear them with neutral accessories (in my case black, but white or grey would also work well).

Mix & match: my print-clashing look!

So I’ve gone for a long red and white coat, a leopard-print skirt (but one with red and white details to continue the colour palette), a black and white striped shirt and black accessories. What do you think of the result? I’m very curious to know what you think ;)

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The oversized look: go for a size bigger!


look milan fashion week

The oversized look: go for a size bigger!

The oversized look. One of the biggest trends of recent seasons that was seen on both the catwalks and in streetstyle was that of wearing clothes in bigger sizes, while layering garments of different lengths on top of each other.

The oversized look: go for a size bigger!

The idea is certainly unique: wearing clothes that look too big for you is definitely not for every day! However I decided to try out this style during Milan Fashion Week… with a totally oversized look, including a long coat, a pair of palazzo pants, and a white shirt stolen from my man’s wardrobe. The result? Here it is!

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Stella Jean For Oxfam Italia With COIN Excelsior and COIN: Capsule Collection!



Stella Jean For Oxfam Italia With COIN Excelsior and COIN: Capsule Collection!

Stella Jean. With today’s post I’d like to introduce you 3 items that will be perfect in your wordrobe this month :) Designed by the great Stella Jean, the amazing Italian designer with Haitian origins (if you don’t know here look up on-line to see her unique and cheerful style and her bold color combinations!), they’re part of the new capsule collection exclusive for Oxfam Italia, Coin Excelsior and Coin!

The Rooster, symbol of good luck in the Haitian culture is common thread of the whole collection made of 3 pieces: a shirt, a bangle and a clutch. The bangle is really peculiar because is hand-painted by Haitian women.

Stella Jean For Oxfam Italia With COIN Excelsior and COIN: capsule collection!

The purpose of this project is to create jobs and support local communities in Haiti. It’s one of the initiatives of the project “Women’s Circle For Change” by Oxfam Italia in partnership with Coin. But that’s more. Buying this pieces you can actively contribute to projects like “Right To Be Heard” active in the area on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, one of the poorest areas of the country. This project is able to guarantee a sufficient income for 20.000 farmers, mostly women. And since I’ve been near this areas I’ve seen with my own eyes how important is this kind of contribute, this project is incredibly important for poor people here! They need all the help you can give them. With only 5.000 €, for example, Oxfam will be able to build a point for water distribution both for fields irrigation domestic use, fulfilling the needs of 5.000 inhabitants.

Women’s Circle For Change Project by Coin and Oxfam Italia is a thing since 2013, with major succes. Here, you can read some other posts abut the previous collections: sweaters in 2013 and sweaters 2014. Today enjoy my outfit with all the 3 items from 2015 capsule collection, that you can already buy in every COIN and COIN EXCELSIOR points! Thay’re amazing, aren’t they? What do you think?


Read my post about 2013 sweaters by Oxfam Italia and COIN

Read my post about 2014 sweaters by Oxfam Italia and COIN

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Jo no fui, Stella Jean e Kristina T per COIN e Oxfam Italia: ecco le felpe a 45 euro!


Jo no fui, Stella Jean e Kristina T per COIN e Oxfam Italia

Jo no fui, Stella Jean e Kristina T per COIN: ecco le felpe a 45 euro!

Jo no fui, Stella Jean e Kristina T per COIN. Mentre sono in viaggio tra Valdichiana Outlet Village e Vicenza (e quindi primi di farvi vedere la tonnellata di fotografie che abbiamo scattato in questi giorni!) vorrei parlarvi della seconda edizione della capsule collection delle stiliste di “The Fashion Circle” per COIN: una serie di felpe disegnate da famose stiliste ed il cui ricavato sarà devoluto grazie a Oxfam alle donne che vivono nelle aree più disagiate del mondo (QUI per vedere la prima edizione dell’iniziativa)

Così dall’8 marzo, festa della donna, è in vendita nei principali COIN di Italia la collezione di felpe di Alessia Giacobino (Jo no Fui), Stella Jean e Cristina Tardito (Kristina Ti). Al costo di 45 euro, le felpe sono 100% made in Italy. Il ricavato andrà a favore delle donne dello Sri Lanka e Palestina.

Io ho deciso di farvele vedere così, sono felice di poter sostenere l’iniziativa anche quest’anno :) La mia preferita? Quella disegnata da Cristina Tardito (Kristina T), e che sto indossando anche in questo momento prima dell’evento di oggi, ehehe (Se siete di Vicenza ci vediamo d Kiabi dalle 15 alle 18!). E la vostra preferita? Un abbraccio forte bellissime, aspetto i vostri commenti!

While travelling from Valdichiana Outlet Village and Vicenza (So before to show you the tons of pictures that we have shoot!) I would love to talk to you about the second edition of the “Fashion Circle” for Coin collection: three sweaters designed by three famous female italian designers. The money will be donate thanks to Oxfam to poor woman of the world. So from today the Alessia Gicobino (Jo No Fui), Stella Jean and Cristina Tardito (Kristina Ti) sweaters will be available at the most important COIN. All the money will be donate to woman of Sri Lanka and Palestina. I decided to promote this important capsule with those picutures: which are your fav sweaters? Have a nice day and I’ll wait for your comments :)

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