Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!



Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!

Banish dull skin. How many of you are going to tell me that you’re too afraid to get your legs out, because they’re too pale, or even worse, too hairy? This is the fundamental problem of this time of year, in the period between winter and summer, that we have to tackle every year. Not only because suddenly our eternally hidden skin is now on show (hello various flabby bits… we’ll be discussing this soon!), but also because our skin is bright white, hairy, dull… sad, essentially. Of course, winter doesn’t help: with freezing temperatures and tight clothes which suffocate your skin, plus if you don’t exfoliate regularly during winter and moisturise often, your skin is in a desperate state. But now that spring has arrived, it’s time to show off our beautiful skin: here’s how in 5 easy steps!

Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!


First, you need to get rid of all the dry skin. Eliminate dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin. My advice is to exfoliate regularly at home, at least 2/3 times a week with an exfoliating glove on the driest parts of your body (knees, elbows etc) everyday. For your face, a gentler approach: exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week (but very gently, especially if you have very sensitive skin), followed immediately by a face-mask. But what kind of face-mask? Deep-cleaning, hydrating, brightening? Two ideas: first to use a different type of face-mask for different parts of the face. For example, I use a face-mask for oily skin on my forehead (where I tend to get pimples), a deep cleaning mask on my T-zone and finally an oxygenating mask (yes, one that makes loads of bubbles) on the rest of my face, or all over my face once a week.

If you want to invest a bit more, go for a deep cleaning exfoliator: it’s perfect for getting rid of all those dead skin cells in one use. I’d especially recommend this one if you have an important event at the last minute and you need to quickly “tidy up”, or also before a series of specific treatment (such as anti-cellulite treatment).


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