Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes by Vogue Eyewear!



Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes!

Palazzo Pants.  One of the trends of this season (Find out all the trends here! ) are definetely stripes (I write about them few days ago!). Versatile in town and on the beach, they are protagonist in every season, that’s a fact!

Palazzo Pants & Vogue Eyewear

Stripe are not just for clothes, this year stripes contaminate accessories too. As you can see in the wonderful pics of the campaign featuring Adriana Lima, Colorbands Sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear, have stripes on the arms, which are made of 4 blocks with different colors combined manually to create this colorbands effect… they can have bright color (like Adriana Lima’s!) or different shades of blck, like mine! I think they’r super chic because I adore black sunglasses but they’re not ordinary and predictable. This detail with stripes makes them brighter and very unusual!

I matched them with a b/w outfit and white palazzo pants (Check them out in this video)  and a funny clutch! I hope you enjoy this attire , and as always I look forward to reading your comments :)


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Palazzo trousers and culottes, a super trend for 2015: leg-lengthening and they look great on everybody!


Pantaloni palazzo

Palazzo trousers and culottes, a super trend for 2015: leg-lengthening and they look great on everybody!

Palazzo trousers and culottes. Palazzo trousers, those broad, straight legged and possibly high waisted trousers, are back with a bang. And I have to tell you, I’m super happy! They are truly elegant, minimal, feminine and look good on everyone, just choose the right length;)

– CLASSIC PALAZZO TROUSERS: High waisted, straight leg length that covers the shoes. For smaller girls, try with heels or wedges: they will make your legs look endless! For taller girls they work even with flat shoes, loafers, oxfords and sneakers.

– CULOTTES: they are those which are wide and come down to mid-calf or above the ankle. They are super trendy and the most fashionable at the moment but shorter girls must be careful and wear them with heels. For taller girls, try with sneakers or slipons, nice!

 – IDEAS FOR OUTFITS: mannish shirts with heels or classic t-shirt, belt and leather jacket or even patterned shirt or tartan and leather belt, for a 70s style look.

Image sources: / / / /  Stocholm streetstyle / /  / Kenzas / Karla’s Kloset / Net a porter /

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Pencil skirt: here’s how to wear it! Long live curves!


Longuette look

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is one of those leaders who, if you have a little bit of curves, beautiful hips and bum, it becomes sexy … no, more sexy. And it’s discreet because covering up knee (or below, depending on the model). But it becomes sexy because it enhances the curves: enhances the waist and shape of the hips. Super! Did you know that my collection of midi skirts is virtually endless right? :D So for today’s post I thought I’d give you useful tips on how to wear a pencil skirt for this winter!

Pencil skirt: here’s how to wear it! Long live curves!

  • UNDERNEATH A BIG SWEATER: The must for long skirts this winter is to be worn under oversized sweaters. The effect therefore is that of overlapping layers, you know? No? In this gallery I’ve put a few examples! High heels aren’t obligatory: it’s OK to wear a boot with a comfortable chunky heel. (It also camouflages the belly!)
  • WITH A SPORTY LOOK: do not imagine the pencil skirt as an exclusively elegant garment. Try to wear it with a sporty look. For example, medium-length down jacket and sneakers. Or with the sweatshirt and sliders. Super contemporary!
  • TRY IT IN…. leather if you want to be really hyper sexy in rock chick mode. Choose it if you want to emphasize the shape (but only recommended for those who have a rather flat belly!)
  • THE SHOES? The best thing, as I said, for this season is to wear with sneakers (but no socks), or with boots with heels for a very rock chick look.  Boots below the knee or above the knee boots for a very particular effect (in fact do not see the gap between skirt and leather boots, the cuissardes becomes like a sock). Heels look better than anything else, and so it is recommended for those who want to lose, optically, a few cm.
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The denim jacket: how to choose it, wear it, and personalise it


Giubbotto di jeans

The denim jacket

The denim jacket. I had to turn my house upside down in order to dig out my denim jacket. Does that sound normal? The denim jacket for me was a must have a few years ago and then it somehow got pushed to the back of my wardrobe. I knew I would never throw it out: how did I know it would always come back into fashion? I just knew. So yes, I found it again! You will have seen it recently in my Fashion Week looks. The denim jacket is something you should choose in the right style for you, but it’s best to go for a basic and simple one that will always be chic and be coveted by all. But how should you choose the perfect jacket, and how should you wear it?

Denim jacket: how to choose it, wear it and personalise it

  • IDEAL FOR TRANS-SEASONAL DRESSING: the denim jacket is perfect for mid-season. The denim protects you from the cold, especially when worn with a thin sweater underneath and a chunky scarf (perfect for the weather we’re having at the moment)
  • FOR WHEN IT’S VERY COLD: if it’s really cold and your denim jacket is quite light-weight, try layering it under a winter coat (see inspirational photos in the gallery below)
  • CUSTOMISE IT: If you’re creative and good with your hands, it’s a great idea to customise or personalise your denim jacket. In the photos below you can find some inspiration! Another idea? During Fashion Week in September I was chatting about this with my friend who is also a blogger. She had an amazing denim jacket, completely covered with embellishments. Words, flowers, animals, symbols, emojis… everything! Find patches in markets or online. It’s a great idea! (If you find any letters, you could write your name across the back!)
  • OVERSIZED: a must for denim jackets this year is that the size should be extra large, so stela one from your man. This is perfect for this season’s grungey look. Black trousers, perhaps in leather, a logo tee and black sunglasses make for the perfect look. Try it!

Here are some inspirational photos!!

IMAGE SOURCE: Pinterest | Tumblr | | Sincerely Jules | Atlantic Pacific |

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High-waisted trousers: how to wear them


pantaloni a vita alta

High-waisted trousers: how to wear them

High-waisted trousers. I state that I love the high-waisted pants, but I do not know why, I have some difficulty in finding them. Yet they’re super trendy! (What you see in the picture I have worn them here). They were all the rage in the 70’s. Who do they look good on? On everyone because they give you a well-proportioned physique: they tend to enlarge hips and bum area but flatten the tummy! But how do you wear them? Here is a mega gallery of inspiration!

High-waisted trousers: how to wear them

– With a high waist trousers with a masculine flavour: a shirt, a moccasin, a belt and a hat. Sexy and easy!

– With the crop top: great with the crop top, the top that reveals a bit of tummy. Very rock chic!

– The high-waisted shorts with a simple top is the easy solution for the summer: match it with a pair of diva sunglasses and a few fringes. California style!

– You want it elegant? Choose it with wide and straight leg to wear with ruffles and wedges. Super chic!

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