White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!



White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

White dress. Summer = white. We have already talked about white jeans that are a constant trend for the summer. Yes, white is the color par excellence for summer! It’s as elegant as black and is fresh, bubbly, positive, and calm. Basically, you understand that I love white :D

White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

So the item that absolutely can not be missing from our wardrobe for summer is a white dress (or a beautiful collection of white dresses :D).

  • A white dress is chic for the beach, especially if worn with straw accessories and colorful swimsuits
  • A lacy white dress is summery and sensual: it looks great with leather accessories for the day or in black for the evening
  • A white dress is the black of the evening: it is elegant, especially worn with metal or gold accessories
  • Dare to go for a total look in white: white dress (Even with a blazer for the evening), sandals and white sunglasses
  • Here is a bit of inspiration for some different ways to wear your white clothes :)



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How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose a White Outfit!


come vestirsi per una serata speciale

How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose White!

How to dress for an elegant happy hour! White in winter? Why not?! We talked about that many times, even in THIS post all about this specific topic! I tried again with a total look for the evening. White for an elegant evening is a bit unusual, I must admit it, but this is super chic!

How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose a White Outfit!

I decided to reinterpret the classic sheath dress in white, a long wool jacket in the same color and a sparkling necklace with a touch of black to recall the shoes. What do you think about it? Do you like today’s outfit? I can’t wait to read your comments!

And if you’d like to read more…

All the tips to wear white in winter!

Blue: one more color trend!

Over-the-knee boots: shoes that look like stockings!

Palazzo Pants: the most flattering trousers!

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Little White Dress with Straw Accessories… in France!


little white dress

Little White Dress

Little white dress. During our tour in Provence (see all the photos and the video of the trip with L’Occitane HERE… don’t miss the flight on a hot-air balloon!), we decided to spend a whole day in Camargue: a perfect place for people that love authenticity and wild nature like us. And we loved it!

Little white dress and straw accessories… in France!

A visit to Arles was necessary and I must say that it’s been amazing: this city has a ravishing beauty! See all the photos on my Instagram page @ireneCCloset! In that occasion my look was simple, total white with a touch of straw. What do you think? Thanks for all your comments and for following me everywhere! :)))




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Vestito bianco e tanta paglia


vestito bianco | cappello paglia | lago barberino | zeppe paglia | vestito pizzo | copricostume | outfit mare | outfit lago

Vestito bianco e tanta paglia

Vestito bianco e paglia. Buongiorno babies! IERI AL LAGO e oggi in città, ahimè! Ma qui, tra tutto, stiamo pensando alle vacanze che sono ancora work in progress: è stato un anno intenso e le vacanze sembrano ancora un lontano miraggio (Fino al 5 abbiamo progetti in ballo!). Poi però fuggiamo.. e fuggiamo ogni ritaglio di tempo che riusciamo a prenderci per noi! Questo weekend stiamo organizzando cene e cenette con gli amici, per salutarci prima del lungo agosto: voi che farete? Intanto, ecco alcune foto dell’outfit che indossavo ieri al lago, giusto giusto per un gelato post tintarella. Fatemi sapere che ne pensate! Un bacione grande a tutte!


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