Post-Holiday Detox Plan: No Diet, Just My Personal Detox Rules!



Post-Holiday Detox Plan: No Diet, Just My Personal Detox Rules!

Post holidays diet plan. During this Winter Holidays, I started eating on the 21 and I haven’t stopped yet. I’m not complaining, I love food and eating with friends and family makes me happy ;) But, with Epiphany, Christmas Holidays are over (and leftovers are over too! LOL), so it’s time to go back to our routine, follow some rules and maybe loose a couple of kilos that we put on during holidays. If you’d need to loose some more weight I recommend you to see a nutritionist or a personal trainer: it will be good investment for your health! If, like me, you only need to detox your body after the overindulgence of these past two weeks, in this post you can find my detox tips… but remember that I’m not a doctor! :) To be continued…

If you want to learn more about this topic… 

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Happy Birthday… to Me! From the Mountain High!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday… to me!!

Happy birthday. Hello my friends!!! I’m writing from the mountains where I’m having a great time during these weeks, with my mates and surrounded by nature. I’m simply and completely happy! (Have a look at my photos on Instagram @ireneccloset!)

But today is a special day for me: it’s my birthday! Yaaaay! It doesn’t matter how (very) old I am, when my B-Day comes, I’m always happy like a child. I’m the birthday girl, ahaha!! :))) I can’t wait to see the cake that Giova made for my birthday party! :D

But now, I’d like to thank you all for constantly following me, even in August, even if your on holidays, on the beach, in a big city or on the mountains like me. You’re amazing!!  A big hug beautiful ladies! :))))))

P.S. I’m 28, for those who are wondering . But don’t tell anybody! Ugh,I feel so old! Heeelp!!

P.P.S And if you’ve missed them, read… :)))

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My Dreams As a Child and My Guiding Lights. The project #PANDORADonnexilDomani


My Dreams As a Child and My Guiding Lights

My dreams as a child. Do you rember your hopes and dreams when you were a child? I dreamed to be a vet and to travel around the world. To be more precise I wanted to be friend with all the animals and the girls from all the countries on this planet. It makes me smile when I think about it. The truth is that when you’re a child you imagine a world of infinite possibilities, friendship, altruism and happy people. But what happen when you grow up? The fact is that we come in contact with the world. The real world. With its “Dark Side”. And often our deepest dreams get brutally crashed.

And then we found our guiding lights. The women of our life: our grandmas, mums and teachers. Some positive models that have been and continue to be our guides. They show us that our dreams and hopes can come true one day. For me these people are my mum and my grandma: two great women that tough me and keep teaching me to be determined, to pursue my goals without giving up. They support me and listen to me when problems seem to be insurmountable. They comfort me when all seems lost. They give me good advice and help me get back on my feet.

The power of solidarity between women is amazing. I strongly believe that when women team up, they’re able to create powerful synergies that make them become extraordinary.

Today I’m really glad to share with you the project PANDORA Donne x il Domani (women for the future):  designed to support and recognize the commitment of women that day by day make the difference, working for common good. Positive examples for the women of tomorrow. Women like the 6 and 9 years old girls in this video. Girls like me, when I dreamed of a better world. They are the women of tomorrow, those who have our future in their hands!

The project Pandora Donne x il Domani aims to discover ordinary women able to achieve goals with high social impact, able to make the difference. On you can nominate a deserving lady who is member of an Onlus, a charitable organizations, association or a cooperative company operating in important fields like health and research, welfare and valorization of the role of woman, registering her profile and her project. After the nomination phase, 12 will be chosen and the 3 more voted by the web will receive a 15,000 euros prize from PANDORA to support their projects.

I’ve already nominated my super heroines. And you?

cosa sognavo quando ero piccola

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Colorful Dress… Everyone Has His Own Fears| Feliway and Pannocchia



Who is the star of today’s post? Pannocchia (it means cob) or, as we like to call her, “Pannucchiella” (yes I know it’s an odd name for a cat but if you’ve read my previous post about her you’d know the story about how we found our kitty and…  her name!). Pannocchia is a cat about town. She’s a casual and independent kitty, that likes hanging out with her friends (but mostly she ends up in a fight!), every once in a while she gets involved in love affairs with no future, she likes bringing home some presents for the family (a bit disgusting for my taste!) and playing cheerfully among the olive trees in our garden. So she’s a reeeally dynamic girl.  A tough girl, I’ll say.

But even the most independent and strong cat has its fears . Our Pannocchia is literally terrified by pet carriers and cars: probably they’re associated with bad memories. Every time we try to put her in the carrier it’s a nightmare: eventually we just give up and carry her on our lap for the whole trip (don’t try this at home! is so dangerous!)

The vet suggest to try Feliway, a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory. So it ca be used to reassure cats while they cope with a stressing situation and to reduce the stress that will led to scratching, refusing to interact and hiding away or even vomiting and diarrhea attacks when we transport them in the carrier…

Here’s all the detailed info if you want to learn more about this product:

– You can find it in pharmacies and pet shops

HERE the web site with all you need to know!

HERE the Facebook page

E you, have you experienced any of these problems with your cat in stressing situations? Write a comment so we can give each other advice ;)

This post is sponsored by Feliway :) 

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Guida di New York (giorno 1): da Central Park a Long Island City Queens


casual look in ny

Guida di New York: il mio diario di bordo alla scoperta della New York.. anche meno tradizionale!

Guida di New York. Vi scrivo da New York dove stiamo trascorrendo 5 giorni alla scoperta della citta’ insieme a Brussels airlines e NYC & Company per creare per voi una sorta di guida – diario personale alla scoperta di New York tra luoghi simbolo e la New York piu’ di nicchia, ma ugualmente suggestiva.

Guida di New York (giorno 1): da Central Park al Queens

Per seguire questa guida di New York vi consiglio di:

– acquistare una METRO CARD che vi permettera’ di utilizzare la metropolitana senza limiti. E vi servira’. Sebbene i veri newyorkesi non amino questo mezzo, e’ il modo piu’ veloce per spostarci, soprattutto se come noi vogliamo fare tante cose in poco tempo.

– Acquistare il CITY PASS che vi permettera’ di accedere gratuitamente ad un sacco di musei ed attrazioni, tutte quelle che vedrete in questa guida (Se non segnalato come escluso City Pass). Il pass costa 114 dollari, informazioni QUI.


Prima tappa: colazione a RAFFLES (Del quale vi parlero’ meglio nel post di sabato, interamente dedicato ai luoghi dove mangiare a NY) che si trova al THE LEXINGTON (511 Lexington Ave) l’hotel nel quale abbiamo soggiornato per una parte del nostro soggiorno. Posizione comodissima, ambiente rilassato, design incredibile. Vi posto alcune fotografie (La nostra suite in chi aveva anche vissuto Marylin Monroe era incredibile!!)

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