Liquids into the hand luggage? How I organize my travel beauty bag!



Liquids in the Hand Luggage? How I Organize my Beauty Bag for a Trip!

Liquids in the hand lagguage. One of my dilemmas, before leaving for a trip, is not just about packing in general (Halp me!What do I put in the luggage?), but it’s also about… my travel beauty bag. With the current international rules of air transport, packing our beauty products it’s no longer a piece of cake. If you want to carry your beauty and make up products with you in the hand luggage , you need to follow the rule:

“Containers with a capacity of less than 100 ml, for a global amount of 1 lt liquid products inside a transparent plastic bag”

You’ll probably say: “Who cares! Let’s just put the cosmetic bag inside the hold luggage!”. Naah.. I’m so attached to my beauty products and make-up stuff that only the idea of loosing them makes me go bananas :D So, I use this strategy.

Liquids in the Hand Luggage: My Strategy


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