How to have more time.. to take our time: a look and a thought dedicated to us!


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How to have more time.. to take our time

This morning I woke up aware, aware that time is the biggest luxury and the most important thing we have in our lives. We’re accustomed to living our lives at 100 km an hour: a succession of things, faces, emotions and impulses. We’re in a perpetual vortex. And yet if you really think about it, time is the most precious thing we have: having the luxury to take time that is REALLY for us, in this big countdown that is our lives. Maybe that’s why December and the Christmas period is my favourite time of year. While December is the busiest time of the year between dinners, Christmas events and running around to get gifts, it is also the month during which we allow ourselves to take more time to just live, for ourselves and for others. We have the possibility to share our time with our friends and family, to spend time roaming through stores in search of something special for us and for others. We have time to think about the year that has passed and enjoy the moment. Yes, we have time to take our time.

How to have more time.. to take our time: a look and a thought dedicated to us!

And that’s how I decided to take these pictures here, in the middle of nature. Nature is my environment of choice when I need a moment to myself. And the good thing is I don’t even have to go far: here we’re at the Parco delle Cascine in Florence: do you know this park? I suggest you make your way here, take a walk surrounded by the trees and the green, orange, red and brown scenery: sit on a bench facing the Arno river and relax for a moment!

For this look I chose something comfortable and warm (without forgetting my new lace-up booties!) with an added touch: the Timex Tonal Collection watch in blue (The dial is also backlit for night time and water-resistant up to 30 meters deep!) Click HERE for the price.

Timex has been creating watches for over 160 years: they designed watches for the American soldiers in World War I, the first watch for women made out of diamonds and even the first Mickey Mouse watch! Today they create over 300 different styles of watches, from casual to chic to sporty. Because time is the most precious thing we have!
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OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!



OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!

OVS Fashion Message. When I told you a week ago on Snapchat about my new collaboration with OVS, I was so excited. And I’ll tell you why. Those of you who have been following me for a while know it: OVS was one of the first brands I collaborated with. It was 2010 and only a few months after I opened my blog when Scott Shuman shot me for the OVS fall-winter 2010-2011 campaign (HERE if you’re curious to know more). Over the past few years we have collaborated together on many projects, one more exciting than the next: the one related to Expo (that was incredible!), to the opening of the biggest OVS store in the world to the OVS Arts of Italy to list only a few.

The project we are announcing today is on a whole other level: it’s pure innovation, in my opinion. Today is the start of the OVS Fashion Message for which I’ll be your Digital Personal Stylist: I’ll be the one to give you style tips while you shop at OVS!! Okay, okay, don’t worry! Let’s start from the beginning and let me explain what I’m talking about and how it works!

OVS Fashion Message: here’s what it’s all about 

If you have the OVS APP (if you don’t have it yet, download it on the App Store or on Android!) and you find yourself near or inside an OVS store in Italy, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone… from me!!! In these notifications you’ll find some of my never before seen looks wearing OVS pieces available in stores at that moment that you’ll be able to purchase in real time, and you’ll also find style capsules on pairings and trends present in the store.

While you’re shopping I’ll be there virtually to give you a few style tips on what you’ll see in stores… I find it awesome to say the least! Aside from my tips, you’ll also receive news on promotions, prices and personalized digital coupons that you can use by simply passing your smartphone at the cash.

All you have left to do is try it.. and let me know what you think about my looks and style tips you’ll receive on your cell phone while you’re shopping at OVS!

The look in this post is a 100% OVS look that I put together to inaugurate this collaboration: a 70’s-inspired look that.. Well, all you have to do is download the OVS app, head over to an OVS store and read my style tips in real time.. I’ll be with you until February! :))

Happy shopping!


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Boots in summer: here’s how I wear them!


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Boots in summer: here’s how I wear them!

Boots in summer. If there’s one rule of fashion that has been ignored, a rule that is now actually fashionable, it is that of wearing boots in summer. Okay, it’s true that I always wear boots when it’s pouring with rain and cold, but for spring and summer, I’ve learnt how to wear them…

Boots in summer: here’s how I wear them!

In true California style, a mix of Coachella and Boho Chic style (I told you about it in this look) and between cowgirl and prairie styles (which we talked about here), the ankle boot has stuck around for the summer season, only this time with bare legs. Whether worn with a miniskirt or a little dress, this is how I’ve chosen to wear my ankle boots in summer


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Enhancing your tan: what to wear and what colours will make you shine!



Enhancing your tan: what to wear and what colours will make you shine!

Enhancing your tanComing back to reality after a vacation is always (and I repeat always) quite the traumatic experience. But ladies, let’s try to think as positively as possible :P The summer left us with golden, sun-kissed skin.. Now that we’re back home it’s time to show off the tan we’ve been working on for months and months!
On today’s post you’ll find the colours and pairings that will enhance your tan to its utmost potential.. Ready? Let’s begin!!


 Enhancing your tan: what to wear and what colours will make you shine!


For those of you who have golden skin, white is the colour of choice to emphasize the dark shade of the skin, creating a pleasant contrast. What you may not know is that the effect is even nicer if the colour white is paired with gold tone accessories. Unlike silver, gold intensifies golden skin, thus illuminating it. You’ve got to see it to believe it!




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Adidas Gazelle and an off-the-shoulder top


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Adidas Gazelle and an off-the-shoulder top

Adidas Gazelle and an off-the-shoulder top
Adidas Gazelle. Good day girls!! Today I’m sharing a look I wore a few days ago featuring two key pieces. The first is the off-the-shoulder top which we’ve mentioned many times before including in this post which if you haven’t read already I suggest you do (yes, I really do love this trend!), and the second can be found on my feet..

Adidas Gazelle and an off-the-shoulder top

The Adidas Gazelle are back in style: say goodbye (for the moment..) to the evergreen Stan Smiths, the new trend is all about the Gazelles. I chose mine in a shade of beige and I have to say that they are super versatile (other than being super comfortable). What do you think of this look? Here are all the details and the pictures :)


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