Travel Kit: All You Need for Summer Vacations!


Kit da viaggio

Travel Kit: All You Need for Summer Vacations!

Travel Kit. Ready…go! Are you excited?! And are you ready to face summer holidays? I definitely am, I can’t wait! :) In the meanwhile, today I’d like to tell you about my ultimate Travel Kit: are you sure that you took everything you need? Didn’t you forget anything???




It doesn’t matter if you’re at the seaside, in the city or on the mountains, my advice is to buy a guide book about the place you’re visiting. It can be nice just relaxing on the beach but it’s always better get to know the place not just a tiny spot near the hotel. You’ll find many ideas to fully enjoy your trip. ;) Are you tired to hold it in your hand all the time, during the tour? Try this smart items!

CAMERA, SELFIE STICK… SMART PHONE LENS! A trip is not a trip if you don’t create lifetime memories. So bring a camera with you. An handy alternative? Lens for your smartphone like this iPhone Camera Lens or lens + cover: but remember to clear the memory of your mobile before leaving!

FOLDABLE FLATS: ALWAYS keep them in your bag in case of emergency!! This pair for instance is very cute ;)

PLUG ADAPTER, very important! :)

PORTABLE LUGGAGE SCALE, fundamental if you travel by plane and you don’t want exceed the luggage weight limits. Organize evenly your suitcases in the hotel before getting at the check-in desk.;)

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Liquids into the hand luggage? How I organize my travel beauty bag!



Liquids in the Hand Luggage? How I Organize my Beauty Bag for a Trip!

Liquids in the hand lagguage. One of my dilemmas, before leaving for a trip, is not just about packing in general (Halp me!What do I put in the luggage?), but it’s also about… my travel beauty bag. With the current international rules of air transport, packing our beauty products it’s no longer a piece of cake. If you want to carry your beauty and make up products with you in the hand luggage , you need to follow the rule:

“Containers with a capacity of less than 100 ml, for a global amount of 1 lt liquid products inside a transparent plastic bag”

You’ll probably say: “Who cares! Let’s just put the cosmetic bag inside the hold luggage!”. Naah.. I’m so attached to my beauty products and make-up stuff that only the idea of loosing them makes me go bananas :D So, I use this strategy.

Liquids in the Hand Luggage: My Strategy


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Fare la valigia per le vacanze, ecco i trucchi che ho imparato! #omegainmovement



Fare la valigia: in valigia con #OmegaInMovement

Fare la valigia per le vacanze. Dicembre, il mese dalla valigia. Oh, finalmente si stacca un pochino. Che sia il weekend sulla neve, l’ultimo dell’anno fuori, il Natale con i parenti: il minimo comune denominatore però è sempre poco spazio e tante cose da portare. Così oggi ho pensato di dedicare il post alla valigia da weekend / weekend lungo, quella piccola per portarsi dietro il necessario per massimo dai 2 ai 4 giorni.. qualche consiglio per ottimizzare lo spazio e portare tutto il necessario. L’idea è arrivata da Omega che questa volta mi ha lanciato la sfida del “48 ore in valigia”. Così, ho scelto un orologio che fosse estremamente versatile, da giorno e da sera, perfetto per ogni look, perfetto per 48 ore di viaggio (e anche più!). La mia scelta è ricaduta sull’ Omega Speedmaster Moonwatchuno degli orologi più iconici di Omega. Lui si che è un viaggiatore: ha partecipato a tutte e sei le missioni lunari! Vetro zaffiro resistente ai graffi, cassa acciaio inossidabile, cinturino di pelle nera.. bellissimo e super versatile!

Fare la valigia per le vacanze dai 2 ai 4 giorni, ecco i trucchi che ho imparato!

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Packing: tips and tricks for perfect packing!


fare le valigie | valigia | suitcase | valigia fashion | valigie | valigie moda

Packing: tips and tricks to squeeze everything into a small suitcase without creasing! 

Packing: tips and tricks for perfect packing! Good morning ladies, how are we today? We’re off on holiday again! By the time you read this we’ll be on our way to a splendid Resort and Spa on Lake Garda where we’re going to spend 3 days (follow me live on Instagram @ireneccloset :D). Holidays and weekends at the beach or out of the city are on their way very soon (You can do it! August isn’t far off!). So I thought I’d recap a few points from my post a few years ago on my blog about how to pack perfectly! I hope you like it, big hug!

“You must remember that when buying a suitcase, that during any long trip, there will always be a time when you’ll need to carry it by yourself” – Paul Morand

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