Bahia De Las Aguilas: The Most Beautiful Beach In The World! (Travel Journal part 2 of 3)


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Bahia De Las Aguilas: From Playa De La Cueva With Eco Del Mar To The Most Beautiful and Uncontaminated Beach In The World

After the first part of my travel journal about the most authentic part of the Dominican Republic, this is the second chapter all about one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches in the whole world.

On the third day of our journey, after spending a night at Hostal Dona Chava in Pedernales, a super traditional facility, with bright color and surrounded by nature we explored Bahia de las Aguilas, considered one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches in the world. We left from Playa de la Cueva, near Cabo Rojo, in the Province of Pedernales that, with the 68% of protected areas, national parks and its biodiversity is a precious unique region of our planet. But, you need to hurry up! The Ministry of Tourism has already planned to transform this magical area into a touristic destination and a dock for huge cruise ships, so in the future is going to be hard to see it so empty and wild like we did!

Our day trip to the Bahia was organized by Eco del Mar (you can book in advance from home on the website or on site). But, what is Eco del Mar? Is an incredible facility that seems to come from a dream or a design magazine. You can reach it through a dirt track and gives to one of the most crystal clear seas that I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere is super chic, hammocks under the trees, white gazebos with whiter curtains where you can eat and rest. The view is breathtaking. We set sail from Playa de la Cueva, where Eco del Mar is located, with a bout toward Bahia de las Aguilas. The reason why it’s been classified among the most beautiful places on earth has been clear to me as soon as I saw it! I think is the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen in my whole life. A place in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles of uninhabited, heavenly coast! A paradise of flora and fauna: starfish there are enormous! Today, I think that photos will give you tha idea of that beauty way better than I. Have you ever seen such an amazing place?

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Dominican Republic: My Travel Journal: Wild Caribbean Beaches, Nature and Santo Domingo. Part 1 of 3


Dominican Republic: My Travel Journal Part 1 of 3.

Premises, Leaving and Wild Beaches.

Dominican Republic. When you think about warm weather, peace and relax far from the stress of our cities, you automatically think about the verdant Caribbean Pearls, white beaches and coconut palms. One of the most loved location is the Dominican Republic. But, before starting my journal, I’d like to debunk some myths about this island. First, the island, was unproperly called Santo Domingo but its name is Dominican Republic, while Santo Domingo, La Capital, is the capital town of the island. It’s a big island in the hearth of Antilles and Caribbeans, called Hispaniola and is divided into two countries: the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Dominican Republic: Premises and Leaving

The second cliché, is that the Dominican Republic is full of resort. Most part of the 70 thousand Italian tourists, choose an all inclusive stay inside a big resort and they rarely go out to explore the surroundings. Let me say, that’s a real shame! The Dominican Republic is not only about resorts, is much more. Is sea, adventure and ecotourism (in the norther part, in the north-west and in the interior of the island where you can explore a mountain area whose highest peak reaches 3000 meters and the island from tornadoes). On the island you can also practice sports (golf, surf…) and devote to wellness in one of the many interesting thermal spas of the Dominican Republic. As you can see, the Dominican Republic is one of the most interesting countries of the Caribbeans with a variegated landscapes, a place to explore and live.

So thanks to the Dominican Republic Tourism Authority I made a one week tour to discover the most authentic Dominican Republic, in the less crowded locations but without missing the capital city Santo Domingo with its beauties, the nightlife, its traditions and of course some good shopping.

And if you’re wondering if the island is safe to be explored without expert local guides, the answer is yes! Dominicans are incredibly cheery and opened, tourists are welcomed kindly, and since the official language is Spanish, for Italian is quite easy to communicate with locals. If you want to replicate our itinerary you’ll need to take a plane in one of the many airports in the island: for example we chose a charter flight of Neos Air, our flying partner and then we continued our trip with a rented car. Other tourism companies like Colonial Tours offer other interesting experiences in the inland areas of the island. I’m sure it won’t be a problem to find this kind of tour, even on site!


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