How to match your jewellery to your clothing: a few subtle yet gorgeous pieces, or many statement pieces? Here is my selection with TOUS!


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How to match your jewellery to your clothing

How to match your jewellery to your clothing. One of the hottest topics (actually, one of the thousands of thousands of hot topics!) I discussed in my book ‘A tutto stile!’ is jewellery, to which I dedicated an entire paragraph of one of my favourite chapters, the one dedicated to how to become a style professional. Yes, because jewellery as we know is a complement to our looks but, at the same time, if not worn properly, it can transform us into a walking lampshade (I gave you an idea, right? :)). And this, given that fashion should be married with your personal style, would be better to avoid. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t love a cascade of jewellery: whether it’s a nice arm party (wearing a bunch of different bracelets around the same wrist) or a hand party (wearing a bunch of rings all on the same hand), or piling on many necklaces. Everything has to have a certain flow and equilibrium to it.

According to the outfit we’re wearing, the jewellery we choose to pair with it needs to be calibrated well: it should enhance our look. Think about when you wear a statement necklace, and how it acts as the protagonist and pop of colour on an otherwise banal look. In this case, the necklace complements the look beautifully and is what makes it unique. Or bright yet discreet pieces of jewellery with important looks. It’s exactly this second theme that I want to go over with you today, with a practical example.

How to match your jewellery to your clothing: a few subtle yet gorgeous pieces, or many statement pieces? Here is my selection with TOUS!

Last Thursday I wore an outfit I thought was totally fabulous, but definitely busy! A dress with leopard print: one of the hardest prints to pull off because it’s very flashy and strong. What jewellery should one pair with a busy look such as this one? The answer is the following: a few yet carefully chosen pieces of jewellery that are elegant, luminous and perfect. Discreet jewellery that as I like to say knows how to stand its own! For this look I chose jewellery from Tous from the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection that perfectly embodies this concept. Do you know Tous jewellery? I’d shown you one of the first accessories purchased from this brand way back in 2012 here on the blog! Ever since I’ve been a faithful fan of Tous, a Spanish brand born in 1920 and that for 25 years now has had a sweet teddy bear as its symbol that brings me, and many of us, back to sweet memories from our childhoods (if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look HERE at all the interpretations of the famous Tous bear!). In this fall-winter 2016-2017 collection, Tous reinterpreted the famous little bear in a contemporary way: here are the pieces of jewellery I chose! For this rather elaborated look I choose two simple pieces of jewellery so luminous they make a difference: a pair of heart-shaped pinkish silver earrings (that you’ll find on Tous HERE with the price) and a bracelet, also in a pinkish silver (that you’ll find HERE). To complete the look I went for a brown purse from the MOSSAIC line, in super soft leather, also by Tous (you’ll find it on the site HERE).

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Hair colour 2017: here are the hair colour trends to discover for 2017!



Hair colour 2017

Hair colour 2017. After sharing the hair trends for 2017 with you in September, by popular demand I’m here today to share hair colour trends! I’d already told you about the trend of super colourful hair in THIS POST: super colourful hair in bright or pastel hues still reign supreme. For this season, fortunately, natural highlights are making a comeback, giving a brightening touch to even the most damaged hair.

Hair colour 2017: here are the hair colour trends to discover for 2017!

What are the hair colours most in vogue for 2017? Here they are:

– PASTEL COLOURS: pink, blue, grey.. The trend of colouring your entire head (or part of it, or only the tips) in pastel hues continues!
– SPLASHLIGHT: the new method that has outclassed old streaks and that creates colour: dark roots, with lighter shades in the middle finished off with darker tips.
– BROWN: It’s the colour of the season!
– PINKISH BLONDE / LIGHT BLONDE: for blondes, the trend is pinkish or very light yet not bleached: the effect should still be really natural.

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Personalizing your jeans: ideas to customize your denim at home!


personalizzare il jeans

Personalizing your jeans!

Personalizing your jeans.  Now more than ever before the words PERSONALIZE or CUSTOMIZE have become part of our vocabulary. Differentiating oneself is at the frontier of fashion, and it’s all about not conforming and having pieces in your closet that are not only unique but that help you affirm your uniqueness and distinguish yourself. This is how the trend of personalizing clothing was born, especially with denim. Why personalize your jeans? Because with jeans you have free reign, because jeans are easy to personalize, because it’s rather frequent to have a few extra pairs in your closet and therefore you aren’t taking that big of a risk personalizing and working on them.. Isn’t that true? To follow the latest trends in denim, I gathered some pictures – examples of the season’s coolest pieces, that you can easily recreate at home with a little bit of manual work. What do you need? Fabric glue, pens for fabric, patches, pieces of cloth, little pearls, sequins.. and a lot of creativity!

Personalizing your jeans: ideas to customize your denim at home!

Need more specific ideas as to how to personalize your jeans?
– WRITE YOUR NAME OR A QUOTE ON THE BACK: with an indelible fabric marker.
– LOOK FOR THE COOLEST PATCHES AT THE FLEE MARKET: and create something on the sleeves, chest or back.. or on the leg of the pants! Don’t be afraid to use them abundantly!
– OPT FOR LITTLE PEARLS AND SEQUINS: this is a bit more complicated given that these need to be sewn on, but the result is beautiful!
– SCRAPS OF FABRIC (EVEN DENIM ON DENIM): cut scraps of colourful fabric from old clothing you no longer wear or from different coloured jeans and create a patchwork on your pants or jean jacket ;)


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Milan Fashion Week 2016: my travel diary and the apartment I stayed in!


Homeaway Milano | casa a milano

Milan Fashion Week 2016: I’m back!

Milan Fashion Week 2016. Hello beauties!! How are you? I’m back from Milan Fashion Week.. And what an intense week it was. Really, really, really intense! Milan is beautiful, but I’m also happy to be back in Florence for a few days before heading back to the RAI studios next week… Just the time I need to recharge and leave again! Yes, every time I go to Milan, especially during Milan Fashion Week, it’s always at an accelerated rhythm: running from here to there to there, trying to make every hour in the day as productive as possible (YES, I am still convinced that by waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed really late I’ll be able to increase the amount of hours in a day.. But there are still 24, dear Irene, ehehe!).
Many members of if not all of my professional acquaintances have asked me: “Why don’t you move to Milan like many of your colleagues?”. The truth is that I’m really happy in my city, in my Florence: you all know how deep my ties to my hometown are. I can’t deny that, every time I’m in Milan, the focus of my activities shifts to filming at RAI studios and fashion events, and I’m aware that the possibilities this city has to offer are incredible and unequalled. Although I’m aware of all this, I think I found the right balance for me. A balance made up of a team that works in Milan (and that represents “me” in the city 365 days a year), of trains and cars, of hotels that are like second homes and beautiful apartments. This balance is perfect for me!


Milan Fashion Week 2016: my travel diary and the apartment I stayed in!

During this edition of Fashion Week I spent 7 days in Milan, choosing this time to stay in an apartment. A huge apartment, the one you’ll see in today’s pictures and that also doubled as a set for the pictures of some of the looks I wore during Milan Fashion Week.. Including this pyjama (from H&M!) that reminds me that I sleep too little and work a little too much, ehehe!!  The super cool apartment I found once again via (yes, after our incredible experience in Haute-Savoie this summer I definitely needed to try the Homeaway service again!) you can find it HERE, at THIS LINK, if you’re curious (you’ll find the price here as well!). We needed the apartment to be huge to host part of our team. We were a total of 5 in this house.. And I can confidently say that we could have hosted even more people! A giant living area, a colourful kitchen with everything you could possibly need, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was ideal.. And this industrial and minimalist design was truly gorgeous!!

This apartment was also the set to shoot some of the looks I wore during this edition of Fashion Week, as I had told you it would be.. and you can see a sneak peek in this post. I’ll be revealing all the looks little by little here on the blog, along with all the details and brands I wore. Soon, very soon!! Talk to you tomorrow ladies! :)

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Must-have Winter 2016-2017: here are the 5 pieces you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT this season!

Must have inverno 2016 2017
IMAGE SOURCE refinedstylefashion VIA PINTEREST

Must-have Winter 2016-2017

Must-have Winter 2016-2017. After sharing the list of trends for Fall-Winter 2016 2017 with you in this post (I suggest you read and bookmark it, it’s so useful for shopping!) and the 5 craziest (but cool!) trends of the season, today I’m here to tell you all about the must-have pieces for winter 2016 2017, in other words pieces you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT in your closet this season. I chose 5 for you: do you have them already? It’s time to run for cover! Here they are!
Must-have Winter 2016-2017: here are the 5 pieces you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT this season!

Must-have Winter 2016-2017: here are the 5 pieces you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT this season!


As we saw in THIS post, the military trend is super strong at the moment. Out of all military style clothing, the chicest and most versatile option (not to mention super on trend this season) is without a doubt the military jacket. These structured jackets with rigid shoulders are usually adorned with golden buttons and braiding: they can be short as seen at Gucci, where it was paired with skinny jeans and a round toe pump, red and paired with a skirt that hits below the knee and a round toe pump as seen at Dolce and Gabbana, or in a more precious style in white with buttons, gold braiding and fur trimming as seen at Ermanno Scervino, or paired with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots as seen at Elisabetta Franchi.

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