Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto: in partenza per il Festival del Cinema di Venezia!


look Vestito arancioneVestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto: in partenza per il Festival del Cinema di Venezia!

Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto. Felice venerdi ragazze!! Io sono arrivata a Venezia per alcuni eventi correlati al Festival del Cinema di Venezia (Vi ricordate la mia esperienza l’anno scorso?). Non vedo l’ora di iniziare:) Questo  settembre inizia davvero intenso, saranno mesi di fuoco, gambe in spalla, come si suol dire :) Se vi va di seguirmi in diretta dal Festival del Cinema di Venezia mi trovate su Instagram @ireneccloset :)

Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto


Il look che voglio farvi vedere oggi è già, in parte, in tema Festival del Cinema :) Un abito lungo, lunghissimo indossato però in versione davvero casual ;) Abbiamo deciso di scattarlo in cima ad un bellissimo tetto: l’effetto del vento su questo abito plissè secondo me è molto bello, queste foto mi piacciono molto, grande Giova :) Sperò che il look vi piaccia e ci sentiamo domani! Aspetto i vostri commenti!

L’anno scorso al Festival del Cinema di Venezia, ecco cosa ho fatto (e indossato!)

Ancora caldissimo, ffffh! Ecco come NON vestirsi in estate in città.. gli errori da non fare!

Come indossare gli abiti lunghi in città: vi do qualche accorgimento per indossarli senza stress!

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Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016: Haircut and Color Ideas


ispirazione Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016. When some days ago I wrote about goals to set now to start September with the right foot,/span> I told you that one of my resolution to keep by the end of September is to renew my hair after summer holidays. Your hair doesn’t have to be completely ruined and even if your color is okay and the cut is quite good, September is one of the best month to get a new haircut or a new color. It’s that time of the year when hair trends for Fall/Winter Season 2015 2016 come out. So today I decided to sum them up in this post. Here they are! :)

Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016:  Haircut and Color Ideas



Finally, after so many medium haircuts… long hair is back! Yaaaaaay! Central part is the best but on the latest catwalks we saw some side part too. Layered cut is the best to get an amazing messy effect (Bye bye one length hair!). The result will be very natural. This winter hair is going too be super decorated: with bands and big hair brooch. But I’ll talk about it more extensively in the following weeks. ;)

Curly hair without curling iron!

Bangs are back! How to cut them…

Half Top Knot, top summer hairstyle: easy and super quick.

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Back From Holidays, New Outfit and News for September !


_MG_1948aBack From Holidays, New Outfit and News for September !

Back from holidays. Hello ladies! This is going to be a juicy post because I have a lot to tell you! First, I’d like to know if you enjoy your holidays. Are you back to your routines: office work or books? I’ve already told you everything about my holidays: you read it in THISTHIS, THIS post! My trip has been amazing: three weeks to take a break and relax my body and my mind. I couldn’t ask for more :))

Back From Holidays and News for September !


Now I’m super excited to get back to work and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm. Because, you know, September is a new start just like New Year’s Day in January. After writing about my good resolutions, on Monday  it’s time to tell you some good news. In the last few months I’ve worked really hard and now I’m more than ready to live this new year. It’s going to be full… crowded with news! As you know, I can’t stay still, I always need to be active and I love experimenting new things! Many more videos, two new collections coming soon in stores with my name on (I can’t wait to tell you every detail!), some editorial project still work in progress that I’m going to discuss with you to see what you think about them… and much more but you have to wait… it’a surprise! :)

Well, now let’s face September, this new beginning together! Next stop: Venice International Film Festival :) Follow me live on Instagram @ireneCCloset!

Thank you for always following me, you’re the best! :)))

All about my summer holidays  2015

6 goals for September to start with the right foot!!

Tan: how to maintain your tan and avoid going back to milky white

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How to Maintain Your Tan and Avoid Going Back to Milky White by September :)

Image source: VIA PINTEREST

How to Maintain Your Tan and Avoid Going Back to Milky White by September :)

Maintain Your Tan. Hi my friends! During these holidays you literally pour sweat to get the perfect tan. And than what? It risk to disappear (almost) completely by the end of September. But you can avoid that! You only have to take some little precautions. Skin lost its tan because superficial layers of epidermis naturally and continuously renovate. That might happen even faster if you don’t take care of your skin properly! Usually skin cells takes 28 days to renovate but if you are tanned this will happen every 21 days… or less! Trust me! Since, I work with so many beauty brands, I’ve been repeated again and again about this subject and by now I can consider myself an expert and I want to share my knowledge with you :)

How to Maintain Your Tan and Avoid Going Back to Milky White by September :)



The first step is food. You should start eating a good amount of vitamins and mineral salts before and during sun exposure. So eat all your fruit and veggies and drink a lot of water. In this way skin will get stronger and deeply hydrated: it will be easier to maintain glowing radiant skin and avoid stains and dry flaky skin. Best food: carrots, melon, apricots, peaches, peppers and tomatoes.


Even if you take a lot of showers, to avoid washing away tan you need to use delicate body wash. You can find specific neutral after-sun shower gels or just any delicate soap with natural ingredient. And after the shower moisturize with hydrating creams or lotion.(we’ll talk about it extensively in the following posts…)



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Back From Holidays: 6 Goals for September and Start With the Right Foot!


IMG_20150804_134956 (1)

Back From Holidays: Starting Off With the Right Foot!

Back from holidays. September feel a bit like the 1st of January to me. Is a time of the year to turn the page and move on. Thanks to summer holidays, that give you time to relax and recharge your batteries to go back to your daily routine with more energy, it’s time to plan your future goals and commitments. And try to achieve them, of course :) So, here’re my goals for this “new year” :))))

Back From Holidays: 6 Goals for September and Start With the Right Foot!



During my 3 weeks of holiday I definitely devoted more to regular beauty care, and I saw incredible results: skis was healthier and super glowing :) Oh yes, having a constant beauty routine is extremely important… and it’s better to keep this good habit :))

Follow my next posts on September news on beauty products for face, body and hair care :) It’s time to try some new product to keep an hydrated and glowing skin. There’s kind of beauty that only a long vacation can give you… and we want to keep it!




12 makeup tips that will make your life easier


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